Pensions: if you were born in 1965 or 1966, here is what changes for you

modified: 2023-01-15 20:11:02

In recent weeks, the pension reform has given rise to heated debates. in question ? The decline of the legal age.

  Pensions: if you were born in 1965 or 1966, here is what changes for you

Since his first term, Emmanuel Macron wants to reform our pension system. To preserve its existence in the future, the government believes that the French will have to work longer. The last days, this announcement did not necessarily delight all our fellow citizens s. Moreover, the opposition deputies and the unions did not hide their anger. Also, Thursday, January 19, many demonstrations are expected to take place across the country. In question ? Raising the legal retirement age to 64 . But also the extension of the contribution period, increased to 172 quarters from 2027.

Pensions: a matter of generation

Following the Touraine reform , adopted in 2014, our contribution system had already changed. Thus, people born in 1973 already had to j ustify 172 quarters to obtain their full pension . But the reform carried out by the government will accelerate this process, and extend it to certain older workers.

Among them, people born in 1965 and 1966 have therefore seen their rights evolve. To better understand the changes to be expected in our pensions, here is a brief summary.

  • Before the reform, people born between the first half of 1961 and 1962 had to contribute 168 quarters for their pensions. Now they will need 169.
  • People born in 1963 will have to contribute two more quarters if this reform comes into force (170 instead of 168).
  • Those born in 1964 will need 171 trimesters (instead of 169).

In the same way, workers born between 1965 and 1966 will have to contribute 3 more quarters (172 instead of 169). Indeed, it seems that the acceleration of change is having a more severe impact on this generation. Because on the side of the youngest, it will only take an additional quarter to benefit from pensions.

The protest intensifies

Ultimately, the evolution foreseen by the pension reform may seem minimal. Indeed, it is only three quarters (nine months) apart, in the worst case. But it must be remembered that our pension system , remains difficult to read by the general public. That said, this revision of rights, which some took for granted, is having a hard time passing.

Faced with this incandescent social climate, however, the Prime Minister remains very determined to defend this bill. “I hear that when we talk about a pension reform, it is always a matter of concern. But I do not give up trying to convince. »

Elisabeth Borne, however, has to face harsh criticism from parliamentarians and union representatives . Accusations that she brushes aside. I cannot let it be said that this reform would penalize modest people. It is exactly the opposite. The poorest 20% of French people are those who are least asked to work longer. »

It remains to be seen how the government if the mobilization against the pension reform is gaining momentum. On the side of the CGT, Philippe Martinez believes that the executive has done everything to provoke the anger of the French. This is absolutely outrageous. It was she who should have thought before launching this reform. It is she who, in quotation marks, 'sets the fire', it is not us. » An indignation shared by CFDT and Force Ouvrière .

Source : TF1