Pensions: the number of quarters necessary to contribute to leave at full rate

modified: 2023-01-11 01:11:02

Nowadays, the pension reform is causing a lot of ink to flow. But how well do you know our contribution system?

  Pensions: the number of quarters necessary to contribute to leave at full rate

At the end of their career, workers can benefit from a rather solid social system in France. At least, if all retirees do not live in ideal conditions , they benefit from certain rights and social benefits. Let's hope that the coming reform will not eat away at these advantages. Indeed, for the time being, it is necessary to fill several conditions to obtain a pension optimale . Here's a recap so you can know what's to come in the future.

Discount or full pensions

After a busy professional life , many yearn for a well-deserved rest. If the end of your career can depress some, it also remains an opportunity to devote yourself to loved ones, or to your hobbies. However, to benefit from it in the best conditions, there are criteria to be met . For example, the law sets a legal age to stop working.

But it also takes into account the number of quarters you have contributed to the pension fund . This element plays a central role in the calculation of your rights, and therefore of your pension. Thus, depending on the generation you belong to, you must have worked for a certain period of time to unlock a full pension. Below this threshold, and if you are under 67, it will be subject to a discount . You may then have the right to end your career. However, in such cases, the beneficiaries receive a lower pension.

To know : working helps you accumulate up to 4 terms per year. However, in certain situations, your family life may entitle you to contributions. Notably if you had to interrupt your career to take care of your child or a loved one sick (AJPP/AJPA).

Variable obligations depending on your year of birth

You would have understood it, get a full pension , implies having sufficiently contributed. But you still need to know what quota you must accumulate to be entitled to it. Gold, the system changes according to the year of your birth . Thus, people born after 1973 must contribute 172 quarters to be able to leave. After 43 years of work, former workers will therefore be able to obtain their full pensions.

For people born between 1955 and 1957, the minimum number of quarters required reaches 161 quarters. Those born between 1958 and 1960 must have contributed 167 quarters. The figure rises to 168 for the 1961-1963 generation . Then, the French born between 1964 and 1966 will have to contribute 169 quarters to obtain pensions at full rate. Then those born between 1967 and 1969 will need to accumulate 170 trimesters. Finally, for the 1970-1972 generation, it will be necessary to have contributed more than 171 quarters .

Yes the upcoming pension reform risks reshuffling the cards , Elisabeth Borne does not seem to want to change the rules too much. Indeed, questioned in the middle of the week, the head of government indicated that she would not go beyond the 43 years of contributions already provided for by law . Indeed, in 2014, the Touraine reform had already had a major impact on our pension system. The changes planned by the executive are the subject of discussion at this very moment in the hemicycle.

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