Pensions: this site will finally put an end to errors in the calculation of your pension!

modified: 2022-09-28 15:18:02

Employees or retirees, discover the new system put in place by the State. It will make things easier for you.


Being retired means many things in a person's life. When we talk about it, it means that we have reached the third age. This status also implies the receipt of pensions . And precisely, the French government has set up a device attached to it. Find out what it is exactly in the rest of the article.

Pensions: Visit the new site

'Completing my career' is the new site that was set up by the CNAV (National Old Age Insurance Fund) . It makes it possible to refer to pensions. In addition, it offers employees the possibility of verify all information concerning them.

Indeed, if ever there is a mistake , the payment of pensions is constrained . It should be noted that the first period will take place at the beginning of 2023 and the generalization will follow throughout the year.

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So if you're going soon to retiring , you have certainly been contacted by the service of the cash register. The reason is to ask you to provide some files relating to your professionnal career .

Otherwise, these documents will be used to calculate your pensions , once you stop working. 'Complete my career' is a simpler version, which allows future retirees to easily complete their form online. But be careful, it is imperative to fill in all the information correctly. Other, you will face complications .

The steps to follow

What if you want to complete your files correctly? When you are on the “Complement my career” site, you open a personal space , as for the rest of the sites. You will deposit directly there missing files (take a picture or scan them).

From there you can follow up on the progress of your case no problem. If during your filling , you forgot a detail, you always have the possibility to correct.

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According to the technicians, everything is ready: the tools computer , etc. We just have to wait the launch of the site in early 2023 . The objective is to start with more or less 200,000 retirees at first. If all goes well, the second vague will be on a larger scale.

Pensions: Who are the beneficiaries?

Initially time , the service of the new site is offered for policyholders who are between 55 and 57 years old . But also, of course, people who are in early retirement for many reasons.

This innovative device should help all people at the end of their career . In this way, they will be able to better understand their rights and procedures. In fact, between the special regimes and the numerous reforms , the subject can become a real headache. Because in reality, pensions remain a right for workers. This site will undoubtedly bring transparency and clarity that we all need .

According to the director general of the CNAV, they will still be in the test phase. In effect, they will see how their teams will appropriate the new tool. In addition, they will qualify the productivity gains before embarking on a ramp-up of the device. The rest is in this case to be seen over the course of the time .