Petrol: you will soon be paying a lot more for your fill-up

modified: 2023-01-10 12:21:02

Since January 1, the cost of gasoline has resumed its rise. But it is a matter of time before another price explosion.

  Petrol: you will soon pay much more for your fill-up

In 2022, the rebate at the pump of 10 euro cents, represented several billion euros to the government . As this rebate disappeared on January 1, 2023, the prices of petrol, diesel and diesel have increased. But this increase will precede a real spike in fuel prices for soon. We take stock in this article.

What is the effect of the end of the fuel rebate on gasoline in 2023?

The fuel discount of 30 cents then 10 euro cents in 2022 officially ended on January 1, 2023 . Similarly, the 10 cent boost in the resorts the total energies also disappeared .

Therefore, the fuel price of each station took back 10 euro cents on the liter . The Total group, for its part, shows 20 cents more .

This Monday, January 9, 2023, the prices of diesel, diesel and gasoline are starting to rise:

  • 1.92 euro per liter for diesel,
  • 1.916 euro per liter for diesel,
  • 1.86 euro per liter for Unleaded 95
  • 1,940 euro per liter for Unleaded 98
  • Etc.

Economists' estimates for 2023, announce strong increases . But since mid-November, the price of fuel returned to normal growth. According to commodity market specialist Philippe Chalmin, 'the price of a barrel of oil has consolidated in the area of ​​80 to 85 dollars (75 and 80 euros)' . This decline that we know is also due to the slight fall of the dollar against the euro, observed recently.

In the coming weeks, the price of fuel could keep a balance of 1.80 euro per liter . Especially since the OPEC countries have announced that they will eventually reduce their production to stabilize prices. But he it's still too early to rejoice .

A sharp increase in the price of gasoline in 'two or three months'

Sunday, January 8, Michel-Edouard Leclerc was in Grand Jury, on RT L. According to him, for three months, the supply in fuel problematic.

In fact, all fuel importers trying to adapt to economic conditions Harder and harder.

“We are in a period where we are resourcing our sources of supply. At the moment, it is more expensive to buy elsewhere,” said the entrepreneur.

Since the fuel discount died on January 1, 2023 , the French are already seeing high prices at the pump. But Michel Leclerc says the impact of this new supply channel does not yet affect the current price fuel.

According to him, this situation will continue for a while. “about a two or three month delay” . After that, gasoline and diesel prices that we know will explode.

When that time comes, fill up with gasoline will be relatively expensive . Drivers will have no other choice. They will have to face the prices as they are. However, the State has announced compensation of 100 euros for individuals who take their vehicle to work .

Soon a fuel allowance of 100 euros for 10 million motorists

From January 16, 2023, a fuel check for 100 euros will benefit the 10 million most modest cars in France . This indemnity is only devoted to workers who use their vehicle (car or two-wheeler) to go to work.

This help therefore meets income conditions to be eligible, either:

  • A ceiling of 1,314 euros net for a single person,
  • 3,285 euros net for a couple with one dependent child or for a single person with two dependent children,
  • 3,941 euros net for a couple with two dependent children,
  • 5,255 euros net for a couple with three dependent children.

According to the government, this new device does not deviate much from the principle of the rebate 10 cents from last year. As the utility's website points out:

“For a person who travels an average of 12,000 km/year, this represents aid of around 10 euro cents per liter over the year. About 10 million people are affected by this new aid at the pump. »

Source : Lindependant