Phased retirement: changes with government reform

modified: 2023-01-16 01:07:02

At the end of their career, workers can opt for gradual retirement. But this device is still unknown.

  Phased retirement: changes with government reform

After years of work, the prospect of a well-deserved rest something to dream about. But in recent weeks, the pension reform has rather cringe. Indeed, the executive has formalized its project. It is therefore to be expected a rise in the legal retirement age . He should reach 64 years of age in 2027. In addition, the contribution period will experience an extension, and quickly jump to 172 quarters . However, the reform presented by the government also provides for some changes regarding phased retirement .

Promoting the employment of seniors

To preserve our pension system , Emmanuel Macron believes that the French must work later . Of course, it can be a question of postponing the end of your career. But there is a device to make this transition smoothly. It is the progressive retreat .

It allows workers to reduce their activity, while receiving part of their pension . Thus, this option may seem ideal for slowing down the pace while continuing to contribute. Here is an example, to illustrate how phased retirement works . Take the case of a person who meets the conditions (60 years or older, having validated at least 150 quarters). You can ask your employer to switch to part-time (between 40 and 80% ). Thus, if you work at 50%, you will receive half your salary and half your pension.

This solution can also allow you to continue to contribute to improve your rights s retired. However, this assumes that your employer has given his consent. Which is by no means a certainty.

The reform will modify the progressive retirement

For now, only 23,000 workers benefit from this system . An insufficient figure according to the government. Thus, in the file of the reform project, the employer will have to render more account in the event of refusal of a progressive retirement. He will have to justify his decision for reasons related to the use of time or economic activity. But not in principle, all requests will have to be studied.

For now, phased retirement already benefits employees, but also the self-employed . In this case, they must justify a drop of between 20 and 60% in their income over the last five years. But after the reform, this measure should also extend to civil servants . Good news for incumbents. Indeed, they were entitled to the gradual cessation of activity. But this possibility ended in 2011. Thus, the return of phased retirement should make people happy. in the public sector .

Retirees believe that phased retirement has financial benefits , but also social. TF1 took the trouble to meet some beneficiaries of this scheme. “It allows me to acquire quarters that I was missing to have a full pension, and then the psychological aspect is enormous. You know, when you're a business owner, you meet a hundred people a day. You find yourself inactive, you no longer have a social link. »

However, phased retirement can only take off if companies play the game. Indeed, for the time being, the employment of seniors remains very insufficient for this solution to be applied on a large scale.

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