Philippe Etchebest (Nightmare in the kitchen): he confides in his son Oscar-Louis 'I still have work'

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Philippe Etchebest is usually very discreet about his private life. For once, the chef gave himself up in 'En Aparté'.

  Philippe Etchebest (Nightmare in the kitchen): he confides in his son Oscar-Louis 'J'ai encore du travail »

On January 17, 2023, Philippe Etchebest was on the set of 'En Aparté' on Canal+ . During his visit, the chef and TV host delivered rare confidences both to his wife and especially to their adopted son . We tell you everything in this article.

Philippe Etchebest, a discreet man

Philippe Etchebest needs no introduction. At the head of several successful shows, the chef is one of the emblematic figures of the PAF . He is particularly known for his imposing stature and his strong character.

But you know what ? Despite his media coverage, this former rugby player knows how to preserve his privacy . In fact, the host of Kitchen nightmare doesn't talk too much about his family. That said, Philippe Etchebest broke this rule recently .

It was during her appearance on the set of the program 'En Aparté', on Canal +, Tuesday January 17, 2023. Nathalie Levy did not fail to point out to her guest the rarity of this kind of confidences .

Philippe Etchebest's revelations about his wife and son certainly did not leave viewers indifferent either . In an instant, it's as if the couch in 'En Aparté' had turned into a shrink's couch.

In short, the muscular man who is usually very reserved has opened up like never before on his own . What did he say ? We tell you in the rest of the article.

His relationship with his son Oscar-Louis

Before being a public figure and a great entrepreneur, Philippe Etchebest first has a man . And if the 50-year-old does his best every day, it is thanks to the support of two beings . Namely, his wife and son

This Tuesday, January 17, on the set of 'En Aparté', the chef came out of his usual reserve . Indeed, he agreed to deliver rare secrets about his wife Dominique and their son Oscar-Louis. On their relationship in this case.

At the start of the program, Philippe Etchebest began by declaring his love for his wife . And this, before talking about their son whom they adopted in 2005. National of Mexico, the latter is now a young man of 19 .

Did his father pass on his passion to him? Imagine yes! Whether the kitchen does not interest him that much , his thing is rugby – like his dad. Indeed, Oscar-Louis is so passionate about this sport that he wants to teach it.

Faced with Nathalie Levy, the dad hen said:

'I always told my son, 'Do what you want to do, but do it well.' He would like to be a sports coach for people with disabilities. He is a very sociable person, very endearing, he likes that. »

On felt good that Philippe Etchebest is proud of his son !

“I try, the best I can”

If Philippe Etchebest seems to be proud of his son , the 56-year-old feels frustrated. For good reason, the host does not always have the time he wants to spend time with his family.

You should know that the chef has several restaurants to manage, but also a number of shows to shoot . Of course, that takes a lot of time. So, he he sometimes misses his son's training .

“I try, as best as I can, to make sure that the little time we spend together, we spend it well. I still have work on that. But we still share things together, moments that are super pleasant, ”he admitted.

Like the two men share the same passion for rugby , they are quite close. Philippe Etchebest also spoke on this subject in an old interview with Télé-Loisirs in 2021 .

“I make time on the weekends to be with him. We share a common passion for rugby, we go to matches together, ”he then revealed.

Like what, assume the role of father is not an easy task when you are a star ! Obviously, Chief Etchebest is not doing so badly.

Philippe Etchebest tackled by Nicolo

Recently, Philippe Etchebest talked about him on social networks . In question, a candidate took it over when the chef gave some cooking advice to his fans . In this case his secret for successful pasta carbonara.

'There is no cream in the carbonara pasta on the original recipe, but I sometimes put a little bit of it sometimes, because, personally, the cream is still good', explained Philippe Etchebest.

For Nicolo Federico Ferrari, nothing is going well. Italian origin, the reality TV candidate did not hesitate to contradict the chef starred on the addition of fresh cream in the carbonara pasta.

'Mr. Philippe, it's not going at all,' he protested in a TikTok video.

This before explaining:

'Okay, you may want to put cream on pasta, but you can't call it carbonara, because carbonara doesn't have crème fraîche (…) you can't disrespect the Italian tradition. Do we agree, sir? »

That is clear !

Source : Marie-France