Philippe Etchebest: this habit of Jacques Chirac which marked the chef

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Jade and Éric Dussart approached Philippe Etchebest at the agricultural show. He told them an anecdote about Jacques Chirac.

  Philippe Etchebest

Philippe Etchebest is one of the most famous chefs in France . His unparalleled knowledge of gastronomy has allowed him to rub shoulders with renowned public figures. He has a crisp story about Jacques Chirac when the latter came to taste the dishes of his establishment . Unpublished secrets that he confessed to the Radio RTL team. Discover them in this article.

The surprising revelations of Philippe Etchebest on Jacques Chirac

This Saturday, February 25, 2023, Philippe Etchebest spoke with Jade and Éric Dussart at the Agricultural Show. During the interview, he told this anecdote about his first steps as a starred chef .

Philippe Etchebest, had just won a first star at the Château des Reynats , in Chancelade, in the Dordogne. The story took place in 2002 when he welcomed Jacques Chirac into his restaurant .

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At that time, the presenter Nightmare in the Kitchen had discovered the rather special tastes of the former President of the Republic .

“He liked to eat! There is one thing that surprised me, it was that he ate the burnt baguette! But black! I had baked it in the oven and his chief of staff told me it wasn't baked enough for him,” he said.

That's not all. Another detail even more surprised the Meilleur Ouvrier de France .

“In any case, he had a good fork. And what surprised me even more was that he ate quite quickly. And from the moment he had finished, everyone had to be cleared away. There was a timing to respect. He was the one who set the tempo and he ate quickly. You had to follow behind and it was very funny,” he added.

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Philippe Etchebest does not support his notoriety

During this interview for the show We're redoing the TV, the chef confessed that he suffered from his notoriety .

'It's not that obvious. It weighs, but I can still bear it. It is sometimes difficult for those around you. I understand people approaching you and wanting to take pictures, that's OK… But you see, today, I would have liked to go around the Salon, but I think it's going to be complicated,” he said. -he explains.

Eric Dussart asks him if he could still “live normally” . France's most famous chef replied:

“Yes, I manage to have a normal life. But there are things I don't do anymore. »

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Intrigued, the host asked what Philippe Etchebest meant over there.

'It's just me. It's me who wants to hide a little and isolate myself a little bit. It's a bit of a shame,' he said.

The one has even developed a particular attitude .

'I got into the habit of looking at the ground so as not to meet people's eyes, because afterwards, they pick us up and it's complicated. I can't blame them, because it's always benevolent. Sometimes it weighs. And I'm not like that. I know people who love it and puff out their chest. I shut myself up and try to go unnoticed. It's a matter of character and temperament. I can't get used to it,' he said.

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Iconic chef of Top Chef

This Wednesday, March 1, viewers will find Philippe Etchebest at the head of the Blue brigade from Top Chef. He will play a jury role in the 14th season alongside the three show leaders : Paul Pairet, Glenn Viel and Hélène Darroze.

'It's my ninth season, and I'm always happy to see my friends again. I had just left the filming of Objectif Top Chef, where I carry the program alone. There, I share an experience with Paul Pairet, Hélène Darroze and Glenn Viel, it's still nice. We get together every year, it feels like we never leave each other too much, it goes so fast, between filming, promotion, broadcasting… It's always fun,” he says.

Obviously he always keeps the same desire to win than in previous years. This edition will be marked by unparalleled challenges.

'It's the magic of Top Chef to discover new things and always have so much fun! “, explained Philippe Etchebest.

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