Philippe Etchebest worried: he alerts the government 'restaurants will close'

modified: 2023-01-07 18:15:02

During an interview with HuffPost, Philippe Etchebest warns about the situation of restaurateurs in the face of rising energy prices.

  Philippe Etchebest worried: he alerts the government 'restaurants will close'

The year 2022 was difficult for the French , but also for the whole world. While the Covid has still left its mark, another problem has invaded the country. Indeed, given the current situation (namely the conflict on European soil), France is strongly affected by the rise in energy prices . Restaurants and bakers pay the high price . The situation is critical, so much so that Philippe Etchebest has come out of silence. In an interview given to HuffPost , he sounded the alarm . Find out what he said.

Philippe Etchebest: “I say it will be a massacre”

Faced with what restaurateurs are going through, Philippe Etchebest has not given up . On the contrary, he is worried about the situation which he considers to be 'dramatic'. That's not all ! The chef also warns that many restaurants will have to go out of business .

'It's been three years since the Covid that I've been saying it's going to be a slaughter,' he announced.

Philippe Etchebest also went on to say:

“This accumulation of charges and the added energy is the blow that makes many close their doors. »

This increase in energy prices comes at a time when the restaurant industry is already in crisis , after the Covid pandemic and soaring commodity prices.

“It has consequences on everything that has been accumulated: the loan guaranteed by the State, the salary increases, the increases in raw materials”, admitted the former rugby player.

He said:

“For the restaurateur, for the entrepreneur, for the boss, it becomes extremely complicated and in the end, some are already closing. »

Restaurants have changed their prices

To face these many difficulties, many restaurateurs have to change the prices of their menus . Philippe Etchebest's restaurant, Le Quatrième Mur, in Bordeaux, saw his menu increase by 2 euros .

“I don’t see what else we can do, regrets the chef. As the raw materials increase, the finished products behind increase. It is inevitable,” the chief said.

For the moment, the one who also officiates on M6 in the popular program 'Top Chef', see no other solution .

“Nor can we always shoot suppliers or producers because they too need to live. »

Bruno Le Maire received restaurants

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire received this Thursday, January 5 at 5 p.m. hotel and restaurant representatives to discuss their situation in the face of rising energy prices. If Philippe Etchebest did not attend the meeting, he had spoken with the minister earlier in the day , during the Élysée cake.

For him, this meeting with the representatives unlikely to result in real change .

“The solutions, I don’t think we have them yet. We will have to work and discuss with the authorities,” admitted Philippe Etchebest.

Whatever the government decides, Philippe Etchebest intends to continue the fight for restaurateurs .

'We'll see what they come up with. I have my opinion on it and that will not prevent me from speaking too and making my voice heard, ”he concluded.

The rant of Philippe Etchebest

This is not the first time that Philippe Etchebest spoke about the difficulties faced by restaurants and hotels . On January 6, 2023, he came to the BFMTV set. During his visit, he made public the case of a hotel, which saw his bill multiplied by 20 . At his side, there was a baker but also Olivia Grégoire, minister in charge of small and medium-sized enterprises, trade and crafts.

'How can we provide for this increase? asked the chef then.

He then continued by saying:

“He is a restaurateur who had to change his contract during the season. We told him it's like that, you have no choice. So we put a knife to your throat. The guy necessarily he signs. But he knows that in the end, he will not be able to hold on. And, he can't get out of this contract. »

Faced with the situation presented to her, Olivia Grégoire wished to reaffirm the government's support to companies in difficulty. She also brings a solution for the hotelier quoted by Philippe Etchebest .

“His contract must be broken, without compensation. We will renegotiate on a more reasonable price. This case is a textbook case, it is the typical case of what we want to move, and we will allow the termination without compensation, ”announced Olivia Grégoire on BFM TV.

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