Pierre Palmade accident: the penalty he incurs can be doubled

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Pierre Palmade risks a heavy sentence for the accident he caused on the evening of February 10. Discover all the details.

  Pierre Palmade accident: the penalty he incurs can be doubled

The accident caused by Pierre Palmade is at the heart of the news . The pain is immense for the victim's family. The comedian is eaten away by his remorse . Justice has not yet decided, but the latter could incur a heavy penalty . The investigation is continuing, but the latter risk double the penalty originally provided . We take stock in this article.

Pierre Palmade bitterly regrets his act

Me Mourad Battikh declared that the pregnant woman in the accident had a trauma important.

“The passenger has a traumatic memory in three stages. She first remembers the dazzling headlights coming in full face. She then remembers the swerve given by the driver to try to avoid the vehicle that was rushing into them. And then she remembers getting out of the car, trying to go to the back to try to save the passenger. But she collapsed, having no more strength, instinctively thinking about her baby, screaming repeatedly, ”he says.

The driver's 6-year-old son has already come out of the coma . However, because of the accident he will have to live with serious consequences.

Pierre Palmade's sister pointed out that his brother was ashamed of his act .

“He is waking up little by little and realizing the horror of what has happened, of what he has caused. He is devastated, he is ashamed. And he will assume all the consequences of his actions with the terrible awareness that he will never be able to repair the harm he has done. The idea of ​​having destroyed the life of this family devastates him. He prays, and we with him, that [the victims] come out of this with the least possible after-effects. (…) He thinks only of them. As vain as it may seem, Peter asks their forgiveness from the depths of his soul. »

An act deemed unforgivable by the family of the victims

Pierre Palmade declared that he “will bear all the consequences of his actions” . While in police custody, he claimed he had 'very few memories' of what happened. He just remembers for having taken his car that day to do his shopping .

The 54-year-old comedian confessed that he was with two other people . Indeed, they are Sambou G. and Mohcine E.-A., the two men who fled shortly after the collision .

These will be retained by the court for ' no assistance to the person in danger ' . Mohcine E.-A. was arrested at his friend's home. During the investigation, he affirmed that it was Sambou G. who suggested fleeing in order to retrieve belongings at Pierre Palmade. Sambou G., meanwhile, surrendered voluntarily to the police.

In a press release, the public prosecutor affirmed that Pierre Palmade is “placed under house arrest in an addiction service of a hospital , electronically monitored.

However, the decision is disputed by the family of the victims .

'That's not true justice. We want him to be sentenced, to be put in prison quickly. (…) We were amazed. With a bracelet (electronic, editor's note), I think he can do something else. If he has a zone limit, he can take the drugs back. You never know with him,” said the driver's nephew, on TPMP.

Georges Fenech, former magistrate also present on the set of the talk show claimed that Pierre Palmade received 'no preferential treatment'. According to him, the court remained totally impartial .

“In a case like this, justice must demonstrate its ability to judge as quickly as possible. It must be treated as a priority, ”he said.

Up to 20 years in prison for Pierre Palmade

Pierre Palmade appears in an investigation for 'unintentional injuries with aggravating circumstances' and “manslaughter”. This last point is still the subject of legal debate . Also, the question is whether the fetus was stillborn or born viable after caesarean section .

The subject is posed by the public prosecutor .

“The woman, whose vital prognosis is no longer engaged, lost her child in the hospital. The autopsy performed did not establish whether this child was born alive. Further expertise has been ordered on this point,” he said.

The hypothesis of manslaughter normally corresponds to 10 years in prison . However, Pierre Palmade could receive the double, or 20 years because he is in a situation of recidivism. As a reminder, in 1995 and in 2019, he has already incurred a conviction for acquisition and drug use . Article 132-9 of the Penal Code provides:

“When a person already convicted of a crime or misdemeanor (…) commits (…) a new offence, the maximum prison sentences and fines incurred are doubled. »

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