Pierre Palmade: author of a serious accident, the day he mentioned his addiction

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Pierre Palmade involved in a serious car accident where he tested positive for cocaine. He had already confided in his addictions.

  Pierre Palmade: author of a serious accident, the day he mentioned his addiction

Pierre Palmade is the author of a serious road accident occurred this Friday, February 10 in Seine-et-Marne. He would have taken cocaine and other substitution drugs. Unfortunately, it caused a very serious accident in which victims are involved. In addition, the comedian has already confided in 2019 on the problems of addictions .

Pierre Palmade involved in a fatal road accident

The 54-year-old comedian was the author of a violent road accident near Melun. Indeed, Pierre Palmade would have caused this accident suddenly gets out of his way. What is this abrupt deviation due to? In fact, the comedian was checked and was tested positive for cocaine, his 'only mistress,' he had once declared, and to substitution drugs.

Consequently, Pierre Palmade caused an accident involving three vehicles. In total, a seven-month-pregnant woman was hit, along with her six-year-old son and 40-year-old brother. Moreover, the woman lost her baby and his six-year-old son is in intensive care.

The young woman who lost the baby she was carrying triggered the opening of a investigation for homicide and manslaughter. Seriously for some, this sentence is due to a very specific thing. Indeed, an autopsy must be performed on the fetus to determine whether it has breathed or not. Following which Pierre Palmade will incur a sentence for manslaughter or not.

From now on, Pierre Palmade is out of trouble after being placed in an intensive care unit.

Tested positive for toxicological tests: his home searched

Before the tragedy, Pierre Palmade spent 24 hours with two young men with whom he would have partied. For the moment, the two men are still nowhere to be found. However, rumors say that they would have gone to the home of Pierre Palmade, where they would have spent their last hours, to clean up.

In addition, the two friends of the comedian have fled in the collision.

Indeed, following the latest toxicological analyses, the police have raided the house of the comedian. Here, he spent the last 24 hours before the tragedy, accompanied by two elders escort-boys with which he would have consumed drugs. Strangely, at the scene, the police found no such thing; except drugs.

The 54-year-old comedian will have to be heard in police custody when his state of health permits.

Pierre Palmade had spoken about his addictions publicly in 2019

Pierre Palmade spoke in 2019 about his drug use which has ruined his life. Really, he said he was headlong into addiction because of a bad meeting . “I succumbed to addictions: alcohol, drugs, sex. We think it's a pleasure, no no no no , one is an alcoholic a drug addict, it is a progressive disease and coke is the sneakiest that we believe that we can stop when we want and that is not true. “, he confessed in 2019.

In fact, he had written in his book: I got out of it without accident, without illness, without debt, without real enemies, without a corpse. '. Ironically, Internet users relay the story of the snake biting its tail and the phrase hardly goes unnoticed.

In addition, Pierre Palmade has already been given a 4-month suspended sentence for the illegal consumption of narcotics. For him, it was unthinkable. “I had just tasted a product that suits me well and then I was told that I was going to prison […] the idea of ​​prison is death for me. And then I hadn't had an hour of glue in all my schooling. [… ] And there the spoiled child that I was, the darling child, in real life he understood nothing of what was happening to him “, he had declared without knowing what would await him years later.

Effectively, this 'little illegal champagne' could make him face 10 years in prison .

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