Plus belle la vie: a former actor in the series converted to catering

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It was a shock for fans of the soap opera “Plus belle la vie”. Indeed, one of their favorite actors has decided to change careers.

  Plus belle la vie: a former actor in the series converted to catering

On 18 November 2022, after 18 seasons and over 4,500 episodes , the famous series “Plus belle la vie” has bowed out. Eighteen years of history ended with a final plot of 90 minutes. That's not all, one last scene was filmed on September 29 last with the actors Laurent Kérusoré, Elodie Varlet and Joakim Latzko, recounted in the documentary 'The great adventure Plus belle la vie' .

Since then, actors each went their own way . If some of the actors have already started filming after the end of the soap opera, others decided to change careers . This was the case with this actor.

'More beautiful life': a series that has become cult

On August 30, 2004, viewers discovered a daily program who revolutionized the television landscape. This is obviously the series 'Plus belle la vie'. The latter was broadcast at 8:20 p.m., just after the television news. The soap opera imagined by Hubert Besson, depicts the daily life of the inhabitants of a fictional district of Marseille , the Mistral.

At the very beginning, 'More beautiful life' struggling to find its audience . As a result, audiences for the first episodes were down. The production did not stop there, however. She looked for a way to get the show off the ground and it was a success a year later .

'Every Friday evening, we opened the champagne because we broke a new audience record', said Renaud Lhardy, former director of digital for Telfrance the production company of 'Plus belle la vie'.

This success allowed the actors to be known . Gradually, they won a place in the hearts of viewers. Many have associated their character names with their own people.

“Plus belle la vie” was no longer just a series. She has become a family. A family, which, unfortunately, was forced to separate years later.

The incredible reconversion of an actor

As they say, all good things come to an end. And that was valid for the soap opera. What is the reason for this ending? According to information, the contract between the France Télévisions group and the production company Newen ended on December 31, 2022 .

France Televisions tried to reassure fans about the possibility of a sequel , but the verdict falls a few months later. 'More beautiful life' signs its end. The adventure ends there for the actors.

While some are trying to land a new contract to appear on the small screen again, Franck Sémonin, he, preferred to focus on something else . Indeed, he has converted to the kitchen.

“It all started with the Covid. With my friend and neighbor Daniel Nollinger, as we were locked up because of the virus, we started cooking. And go ahead and let me show you how to make the Rossini pavement! And let me explain the Tuna Mille-Feuille to you! And what wines are we going to add to all this? Etc. In short, we had fun. Until the moment when we ended up wondering why we would not open a restaurant! “, explained Franck Sémonin.

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Things then moved quickly. The two friends have found a place for their restaurant and they opened it in Roquefort-les-Pins, between Cannes and Nice. Their restaurant is called the Auberge du Clos des Pins .

The specialty of the establishment? The great classics of French gastronomy! And one thing is sure, their concept is a real success !

“It works so well that today we are looking for party leaders,” admitted the principal concerned.

A man with many hats

Is Franck Sémonin from 'Plus belle la vie' not going to come back on stage? Although busy with his restaurant, the comedian will soon appear in an episode of the new season of the series “Astrid and Raphaëlle! » . Good news for fans.

It must be said, the one who appears in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us” is a man with many hats. In addition to managing a restaurant and being an actor, it is known that Franck was also a local miss coach .

“Loïc Berthezène, production director of the Research Section, asked me to replace him on the Miss Grace jury. I arrived at the party in golfer's attire. I had no idea it was such a big thing,” he said.

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