Power cuts: mistakes to avoid with your generator

modified: 2022-12-12 15:21:02

Fearing future power cuts, French people are turning to generators. This is to avoid a dark winter.

  Cuts of'électricité : les erreurs à éviter avec votre groupe électrogène

We are in a period of energy crisis and it is very likely that there are power cuts this winter . However, hoping to avoid a dark winter, many French people rush on the generators . However, it is worth pointing out some mistakes not to make on their use.

Generating set: precautions to consider

According to the managers Enedis and RTE, power cuts could happen this winter . However, with a generator, we can compensate for the lack of electricity. Moreover, many French people rush to buy it. However, there is some precautions to consider when using it . Here they are :

Install it outside to avoid power cuts

Like carbon monoxide, toxic fumes emanating from a generator . It is an odorless, colorless gas that can be fatal if it accumulates in an enclosed space.

This is the reason why we strongly advise to install it outside . That said, it needs to be sheltered from rain and snow. In addition, it should not also be installed in a poorly ventilated place, as garages or basements often are.

If you live in an apartment, forget the generator .

Do not use devices simultaneously

Your generator may overheat if you use all your appliances at the same time. What may cause a power outage . That said, it is best to be aware of the capacity of your generator. For this you must refer to its maximum power .

Take good care of your generator

If you buy a generator, remember to maintain it well over time . This is important although it is a device used occasionally. Clearly, remember to make oil changes on a regular basis. Also remember to check the lubrication and start your generator even on sunny days.

Beware of too attractive offers

Indeed, there is uncertainty about electricity supply this winter . As a result, there have been strong increases in the sales of generators in recent times. Over the past four months, for example, the quantities sold saw themselves multiplied by 2.5 compared to 2021 .

This is what the Castorama brand communicated. In this context, we note that there is a considerable extension of time to obtain one. On the internet, the tempting offers are made a lot . That said, be sure to be careful and compare the offers well.

Power cuts: a few facts to know

The electricity transmission network (RTE) started to ring the alarm bells several weeks ago. On November 18, RTE warned of a significant risk of voltage in January 2023. At present, around half of the nuclear fleet (23 reactors) is still on hold .

This would be due to a very busy maintenance schedule. But also to cases of cracks noted on circuits essential to the operation of power plants. As a reminder, last winter, despite the arrest of 17 editors, there were no power cuts .

The manager has long warned against a winter power shortage .

'It's not something that falls on us without us having had time to think about it. »

This is what Nadia Ziane said, criticizing the State for not having dug enough into the question of the energy mix. According to her, it is the State which erected electricity as the first heating energy. She does not is therefore not surprised that this no longer holds .

Nadia Ziane is from the Association Rural Families and she works on fuel poverty .

Power cuts: how will they happen?

According to the government circular, 60% of the French population or almost could experience these power cuts . However, these cuts will not affect priority customers. We have defined 14,000 sites, including police stations, fire stations, police stations, hospitals and certain industrial sites.

That said, households on the same power line as these priority customers will not suffer cuts . RTE will decide on the outages, but only if sobriety measures are not effective .

The manager will send the load shedding request to Enedis and the latter cut electricity during peak hours . From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the morning and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the evening.

At most, the blackout will last two hours . According to Enedis, the power cuts will be applied throughout the territory and they will be rotating. However, he did not specify which territory will dive into the dark .

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