Power cuts: what are the instructions for this winter of 2022?

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This Wednesday, December 14, the Vaucluse authorities gave the procedure to follow in the event of power cuts this winter.

  Power cuts: what are the instructions for this winter of 2022?

power cuts could happen this winter to stabilize the power grid. To prepare for this eventuality, this Wednesday, December 14, a press conference brought together representatives of Enedis, the electricity transmission network (RTE), firefighters, the regional health agency (ARS), of the rectorate and the authorities of Vaucluse. During this gathering, the prefect discussed the guidelines to follow to prevent power outages . Important recommendations for coping with load shedding scenarios were also discussed. We take stock in this article.

Energy savings to avoid power outages

The Ecowatt application was developed with the aim of avoiding power cuts. It is essential for receive the Ecowatt signal which functions as an “electricity weather forecaster”.

In terms of the situation of the electricity network , this one will take 3 colors :

  • A green signal is a reflection of a normal electrical system. So there is no warning.
  • An orange signal warns you that the electrical network is beginning to be strained. Eco-gestures must be applied .
  • A red signal refers to a tense electrical network. At this level, everyone must absolutely change consumption habits. Otherwise, power cuts will ensue .

In the event of a red alert and an orange alert, the Vaucluse prefecture makes the following recommendations.

At your house :

  • Turn off devices on standby and on that you are not using.
  • As much as possible, reduce lit rooms . So turn off the light if the latter are unoccupied.
  • Limit your hot water consumption.
  • Limit your streaming video viewing time during peak hours.
  • Keep an indoor temperature at 19 degrees. In case of absence, maintain a temperature of 16 or 17 degrees .
  • Ideally, only start appliances with high consumption such as the oven, washing machine, hob or the dryer from 8 p.m. .

In the office :

  • As much as possible, please reduce the lighting and temperature in your workplace.
  • Shift the charging of electrical devices during off-peak hours.

How to react in case of power outages?

In general, the eco-gestures mentioned restore normal voltage . But if the electricity grid remains strained, a power outage will be unavoidable .

The electricity transmission network (RTE) then warns Enedis that load shedding will occur . It is this electricity manager who will transfer the information to the authorities.

An alert is then launched on D-3. During this time, the Ecowatt signal will broadcast an orange alert, then a red alert . If the signal remains very tense despite the gestures intended to avoid them, load shedding will occur in a specific geographical area.

Load shedding operations are organized by the departmental operational center (COD) of the prefecture. This will begin its activities from 3 p.m. on D-1 of load shedding. A public information cell is also open from 5 p.m. The cities must inform their inhabitants and start the municipal safeguard plan .

Countdown is given at 5 p.m. on D-1 of the power cut . The geographical area concerned is communicated at that time on the Ecowatt website or on its application.

In general, the cuts last only two hours, during working days. These last always take place during peak consumption on weekdays in the morning (from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or in the evening (from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.).

Is there an exception to power outages?

The prefect of Vaucluse explained that in the event of shedding , shops, factories, restaurants, will face the power cut like everyone else. A single exception is granted to companies that risk irreparable damage to their their production tools in the event of power cuts . This is particularly the case for firms that use glass furnaces.

However, priority areas must not exceed a total of 38% , otherwise the load shedding will not solve the power grid overvoltage. The Vaucluse prefect said:

“I understand their concerns, they are legitimate. But we can't protect everyone. Because in this case protecting everyone is tantamount to not protecting anyone because we would not avoid the blackout by protecting everyone”.

If a cut will take place in the morning , schools must also prepare for this scenario. In fact, they are not a priority.

This is also the reason why accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (EHPAD) will not be a priority . Also, people at high vital risk in the offloaded department will be notified individually by Enedis. Even if they are almost always on respirators, they will have to prepare themselves for this eventuality . The director of the Vaucluse Departmental Delegation of the Regional Health Agency, Loïc Souriau explained:

“That means charging the battery of the device so that there is no breakdown in the event of load shedding. It also means getting in touch with relatives who are in an area that is not relieved to be transferred there and finally if these two solutions cannot be put in place there is the possibility of requesting hospitalization ”.

What about relief?

The press conference also noted the case of the emergency services . It was decided that when the time comes, even the firefighters will be relieved.

Nevertheless, they have equipment to generate electric current when needed . They also have the necessary human reinforcements to back them up.

Remember, however, that in the event of an emergency during power cuts, please contact:

  • 15 to join the Samu
  • 17 to join the police
  • 18 to join the firefighters

But in the event that these power cuts would have caused a problem on the electrical network , call the emergency number 112. Your call will then have a better chance of being received. Last resort, you can always go directly to the gendarmerie , the police or the fire station.

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