Power outage: here is the worst scenario envisaged by RTE for this winter of 2022!

modified: 2022-09-17 19:01:02

France risks a considerable lack of energy during this winter of 2022. The situation is obvious given the world events.

  Winter 2022

Thomas Veyrenc was specially invited on the set of Good Morning on BFMTV on September 15th. He explained in detail the imminent risks of the energy shortage . He was particularly keen to draw the attention of the French people that for this winter of 2022, the homes can undergo power outages . Thomas explains that the reasons are based on three main factors.

Winter 2022: The inevitable reasons for this energy crisis

In his remarks, the executive director of the RTE mentions three points which, unfortunately, engender the risk of cuts for this winter 2022 . The gas crisis, the European crisis and the invasion in Ukraine are the main causes.

L’ gas supply for France and all the rest of the country for that matter, has fallen sharply following the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

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He also talks about the nuclear crisis , according to reports , some reactors have not been in operation since the summer and are still shut down. They won't be ready to restart this winter 2022. This problem is, in fact, an internal problem, specific to the French. However, it is difficult to find an immediate solution , despite the promise of officials who bend over backwards for the reactivate this winter.

The French should expect, according to him, power cuts during winter . They are encouraged to save as best they can gas consumption . This can help reduce energy consumption.

Possible solutions to deal with this crisis

Indeed, if we stuck to the many questions we might have, a little more electricity regardless of gas, energy hydraulic would be perfect. Only then, France was also affected by severe drought this year .

Unable to find recourse hydraulic energy to compensate for the lack of electricity this winter 2022. We must look for another possibility.

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Of course, when faced with a common problem , we do everything we can to find solutions. It is possible to reduce the risk if we stick together. A call for solidarity from European countries is to be opted for. This is to ensure the management and sharing of ideas at consume less energy .

The insufficiency will be probable according to the director of the RTE if the winter is long . On the other hand, if the temperature for this winter of 2022 will be mild, the French would not have to solicit a lot of energy and the stock will probably be enough. Otherwise, the cut will be inevitable .

Winter 2022: RTE calls for energy sobriety

To make sure gas availability in France throughout the winter, the French are invited to show energy sobriety . It is suggested to use the heater with good management. A stable temperature that consumes less.

For this winter of 2022, nothing is certain. The various crises have a strong impact on gas supply . Major exporters lowered amount granted for each country. And despite the good management of local distributors, the stock will surely not be sufficient.