Premium of 100 euros: how to receive government compensation?

modified: 2023-01-02 12:26:02

A new aid will replace the 2022 pump rebate. This is a more targeted bonus of 100 euros available from this January.

  Premium of 100 euros: how to receive government compensation?

The fuel discount of 10 euro cents ended on December 31, 2022 . From 1 January 2023, motorists will have to drive with the normal prices of gasoline and diesel . Motorists blame the blow. But do not panic. Faced with the consequent rise in prices at the pump, the government has provided new aid for support the purchasing power of motorists . A bonus of 100 euros is expected. Are you part of 10 million low-income workers who will get this compensation? We take stock in this guide.

Who will benefit from the bonus of 100 euros?

This bonus of 100 euros is intended for people who use their vehicle to go to work . It can therefore be a car or a two-wheeled vehicle. But unlike the 2022 fuel discount, this help is not available to everyone .

The government wanted a better targeted device . It will therefore only benefit the “first five deciles”, i.e. the 50% of the most modest households. This category relates to households whose reference annual tax income does not exceed a ceiling of 14,700 euros .

To put it simply, this corresponds to:

  • 1,314 euros net per month for an individual who lives alone.
  • 3,285 euros net per month for a couple with a dependent child.
  • 3,285 euros net per month for a single person with two dependent children.
  • 3,941 euros net per month for a couple with two dependent children.
  • 5,255 euros net per month for a couple with three dependent children.

Compensation paid per person, but not per household

According to the utility's website, “this allowance is paid per person and not per household” . In other words, all family members can receive this compensation, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements .

This is the case of the two members of the modest couple who drive to work . If each of them is eligible, both will be able to benefit from the new aid at the pump. A pair like this will then be able to receive up to 200 euros in aid .

Nearly 10 million workers in France vont get the prime of 100 euros . According to the government, a person who uses the road at the rate of 12,000 kilometers per year, can save 10 euro cents per liter .

How to collect this new bonus of 100 euros?

This new bonus of 100 euros from the government is not automatic . It is not obtained directly at the pump like the 2022 fuel discount.

To perceive it, you will have to request it . So are you sure of your eligibility to this fuel allowance of 100 euros? Go to According to BFMTV, “a dedicated space should be put online on the tax platform from January 16, 2023.”

Once on site, a form will be presented to you . You must provide:

  • Your reference tax number,
  • Your car registration number
  • Your number on the license plate

In addition to this information, you must also complete the certificate on your honor to confirm that you really use your vehicle to go to work. If you have followed these steps, the bonus of 100 euros should be paid into the bank account communicated to the tax authorities. Nevertheless, know that it will only be paid once for 2023 .

The others will have to adapt

The government has invested a lot of money in this new device (the bonus of 100 euros). Obviously, this is far from enough to benefit everyone, such as the latest fuel discount. This is, for example, the case of the unemployed who have 'need to move to look for a job'. According to Elisabeth Borne, they will have to ask the employment center to find other help.

To get out of it, non-eligible French people will have to adapt .

“We will have to find the least expensive petrol stations. In intramural Paris, the price per liter is a bit expensive so we will have to go to the suburbs, I will fill up when I go to see my mother, ”said a motorist in the columns of Europe 1.

A driver who rarely uses the road said:

'It doesn't change much for me, but I am revolted for the others, for all those who can no longer afford to pay. »

Fact, this bonus of 100 euros might not even be enough to the poorest households.

'It's a tip, it's not much compared to those who really need their car, what will 100 euros do them? Where are they going with this? »

Source : bfmtv