Price increases: mobile and internet plans will increase

modified: 2023-01-13 13:54:03

Inflation is definitely sparing no sector. After the rises in energy prices, it is the turn of mobile and Internet packages.

  Price increases: mobile and internet plans will increase

This year, telephone operators have decided to increase the cost of their subscriptions . While a few months ago, we could afford formulas for less than 15 euros, with the price increases, this is no longer possible. Indeed, SFR and Sosh offer respectively 16 and 17.99 euros .

Therefore, if you want continue to enjoy unlimited calls and a nice data envelope, you will have to pay more than usual. Note that these price increases are not just for new customers , but also apply to old rates. All the details in this article.

Phone plans: price increases

So yes, price increases are commonplace among operators telecommunications. Still, in past years, they targeted specific packages to increase their prices .

This hasn't been the case for the past few months. If you noticed correctly, all formats, whether you use a landline or mobile phone, have seen their prices skyrocket . And this, up to a few tens of cents several euros .

Faced with this, customers can either consent or change operator . You should know that each telephone company can increase its prices more or less arbitrarily . This thanks to article L. 224-33 of the Consumer Code.

However, there is one condition. Regardless of the reason for the price increases, the operator must notify its affected customers at least one month in advance . This will allow them to proceed with a termination free of charge.

Price increases: check your emails carefully

It goes without saying that these price increases will weigh on households . This, while generalized inflation is already undermining the purchasing power of the majority of French people. To avoid unpleasant surprises and why not limit damage, pay attention to detail .

Therefore, remember to check your invoices and emails. These latter may contain information regarding price increases coming. If necessary, you can already compare what the competitors offer. Whether in terms of mobile plans or Internet connection.

Price hikes at Bouygues

In the case of Bouygues Telecom, price increases have already started . This applies in particular to fixed and mobile customers. The operator notified them via an email entitled “Our prices are changing”. The increase will be in effect from the end of January .

If the price increase goes from 1 to 2 euros, it can be more important . This is for example the case of the box + mobile package which goes from 65.89 euros to 69.89 euros. Which is a 4 euro increase. The latter occurred while inflation was in full swing in October 2022 .

SFR plays it rather discreetly

Unlike Bouygues Telecom, SFR will let its subscribers breathe for this month of January . On the other hand, from the month of February, price increases will be noticed. Indeed, the February bills the increase will intervene for amounts between 0.69 and 0.99 euros on all SFR and Red by SFR plans.

No doubt wanting to play it discreet, SFR did not send either SMS or email notifying its customers. Instead, the operator opted for a fairly discreet insert on the January invoice . Suffice to say right away that many will not notice it. Those, they will have a bad surprise!

2 months of calm at Orange

For the time being, Orange has not yet increased its prices. However, don't rejoice too soon , because it will not be long. Indeed, the operator is planning price increases ranging from 1 to 2 euros on fixed and mobile plans in March or April. Only the main subscription with social discount will not meet the same fate .

The calm before the storm at Free?

Free is the exception in this small selection. Although the operator suffers like its competitors from increases in operating prices , the company is holding up. Free does not currently have announces its intention to increase the prices of its packages .

Therefore, over the next 4 years, expect Free does not increase the price of its historical mobile plans by 2 euros and 19.99 euros per month. The only catch is that its fixed offers are relatively quite expensive.

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