Primark: a former saleswoman breaks the silence and reveals the secrets of the brand on TikTok

modified: 2023-02-07 18:18:02

Primark: the secrets of the sign are revealed and will allow buyers to do business, all thanks to a former saleswoman.

  Primark: a former saleswoman breaks the silence and reveals the secrets of the brand on TikTok

Caitlin Sinnett, former Primark saleswoman, revealed the brand's secrets on the TikTok social network . It reveals dishonest practices that can benefit buyers. Two opinions are opposed, some consider this as marketing tactics while others accuse abuse of manipulation.

Primark, a brand with questionable sales practices

The use of marketing techniques is crucial for the success of any business. However, the Tiktokeuse revealed the brand manipulation tactics to increase sales. For example, the former saleswoman admitted that salespeople never keep their word. So if you've asked a salesperson to order an item for you due to a lack of sizing, don't be surprised if they never did.

Primark cheats its customers . In fact, their strategy is to encourage customers to come back and spend more . Indeed, we have all been tempted to buy more when the products are cheap.

But that's not all ! Another former seller backed up the Tiktokeuse's claims in the comments to her videos. This makes it difficult for netizens to accuse him of lying just to get attention.

Primark and sellers who lack qualifications

In another video, Caitlin admits that the sellers are neither qualified nor specialized . She therefore advises shoppers not to seek advice from salespeople in the beauty aisle, as they have no knowledge in the matter.

Additionally, Caitlin warns shoppers not to trust the sizes listed on clothes hangers. These sizes never correspond to the true size of the articles. Therefore, the young Tiktokeuse insists on the fact that it is important to check the size directly on the garment.

Primark and dishonest buyer practices

Caitlin Sinnett continues to reveal Primark secrets in another TikTok. This time she exposes a dishonest practice by some buyers.

Customers abuse techniques to obtain discounts on their purchases. For example, if a garment is damaged, they can complain to the cashier and get a significant discount. However, according to Caitlin, some customers go so far as to damage the clothes themselves with makeup to get a discount.

Unfortunately, sellers don't have time to check if the damage was done by buyers. And, in any case, nothing could prove it. Therefore, the The buyer is still king and he still gets his discount on the item.

a brand that fights inflation

The Primark brand supports citizens in the fight against inflation by offering affordable products . With its 400 stores in Europe and the United States, the Irish company has become one of the leaders in ready-to-wear and beauty products. Appreciated in France, it offers citizens savings on clothing and beauty products.

Although some practices leave something to be desired, Primark remains a popular place for French people looking for bargains.

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