Prince Harry: this colossal sum paid on the death of Elizabeth II for his private jet!

modified: 2022-09-26 14:53:02

After being informed of the state of health of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry who was on the other side of the world takes an exorbitantly expensive private jet.

  Prince Harry

Since the departure of the Duke of Sussex, his wife and children to live in California, their appearance in the media was rare. Only, it was enough for them to resurface. Journalists and paparazzi are particularly hard on Prince Harry. This time, the latter moved to his home in California for Scotland. He wanted to be close to his grandmother whose health had deteriorated.

Prince Harry: A major expense to see the Queen of England!

The Prince Harry took a private jet so he could get to Scotland as soon as possible. A departure for the palace of Balmoral to go to the bedside of his sick grandmother. It seems that he spent a large sum of money for this reason. Unfortunately, even before his arrival in palace , Queen Elizabeth II had already passed away.

To his surprise, Prince Harry had received a phone call from his father King Charles III. The latter asked him not to go to Balmoral. This is shocking news! He then risked not seeing his grandmother although he spent more than 33,000 euros on a private jet to arrive as quickly as possible.

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A perfectly normal visit, but which seems inappropriate for his brother and his father. Would they still be on bad terms? Many people think that Prince Harry and his big brother, Prince William would be at odds again long time . But in order to keep a good image of the royal family, they would have held back.

It is true that between siblings, bickering is always at the rendezvous. But when you start to grow, you become conscious and it should decrease little by little. The latest events could therefore improve the relationship between the two princes.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England

Throughout the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of England, we could see King Charles III, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex together. Clichés that did not escape the eyes of the journalists . Effectively, the Prince Harry was not dressed in his royal uniform while his big brother, Prince William was.

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This may be because he will not be on the throne. Either way, it's a moment important for the family. So we wondered, why? Is it his choice or has he been forbidden to wear it?

Prince Harry was always a little rebellious. And this since his childhood, even when his mother was still alive. Only she could control it the time . But after his death, Archie and Lilibet's father was much more welded to his grandmother.

Would Prince Harry be permanently excluded from the royal family?

Prince Harry was not destined to ascend to the throne no matter what happens in the royal family. He will be a member of the royal family and it will stop there.

Some think it may be one of the reasons which prompted him to leave the palace. Especially since his wife the Duchess of Sussex has always lived in the United States. They certainly wanted a change of scenery. For a more fulfilling life with their children Archie and Lilibet.