Product recall: a dishwashing product pinned for risk of intoxication

modified: 2022-12-26 17:11:02

A new product recall concerns dishwashing liquid that was sold at Lidl. It must be returned to the store before February 16, 2023.

  Product recall: a dishwashing product pinned for risk of intoxication

Of all the chores around the house, doing the dishes can sometimes be daunting . Especially when the sink is full of greasy cutlery. Every house uses the brand of dishwashing liquid she thinks is the most effective . If you are used to buying your favorite dishwashing liquid at Lidl, you are likely to be affected by a product recall . A brand of dishwashing liquid available from the German brand is the subject of a massive product recall. According to the Rappel Conso website, the product in question contains bacteria that can cause serious poisoning as reported our 750 g colleagues . Pay attention !

Product recall on an everyday product

Consumption alerts everyday products are increasing day by day . If every defective product is subject to a product recall, is that the brands make sure to respect the rules .

Distribution signs have an obligation to inform consumers on the condition of their products. Labeling errors, contamination or presence of foreign bodies, the reasons for recall are different depending on the product.

A product recall from December 19 was published due to the presence of a dangerous bacterium . It's not about here of a food product , but an everyday product that you use more than once a day.

When making your choice, the main purpose is to find the right washing up liquid capable of cleaning up dirt. Next, you can choose the brand, the preferences in perfumes .

If you do not have a specific need, low-end dishwashing liquids can do the trick . Some choose dishwashing liquids more suitable for sensitive skin.

You also have the choice for ecological dishwashing liquids for protect the environment from chemicals . Some people prefer ultra-degreasing products for their effectiveness in getting rid of any dirt.

If you are a Lidl customer, the product recall on a brand of dishwashing liquid concerns you. lidl alerts its customers to the presence of a bacterium in one of the most famous dishwashing liquids that the company markets.

A high risk of poisoning

Using W5 dishwashing liquid exposes you to bacterial contamination. Many people choose the product because W5 dishwashing liquid is environmentally friendly . Although it is good for the environment, batches of this dishwashing liquid contain a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Contamination of this bacterium can lead to superinfection of wounds, burns or chronic leg ulcers. Experts explain that Pseudomonas aeruginosa could also lead to chronic sinusitis and otitis externa in the user .

The bacterium can also cause urinary infections, broncho-pulmonary, osteo-articular or sepsis. Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections may be more serious in some people .

People with diabetes or cystic fibrosis are most at risk from this bacterium . People taking treatments that weaken their immune system and hospitalized patients are also the most exposed .

Product recall: return dishwashing liquid to the point of sale

The dishwashing liquid was in Lidl stores in France between June 28, 2022 and December 09, 2022. It is a product of the W5 brand packaged in 2 L doypacks Whether almond or hypoallergenic, this dishwashing liquid refill is dangerous for consumers .

The product recall concerns all batches starting with '1762' followed by 4 digits which correspond to a timestamp. These washing up liquid refills have the GTIN code 4056489471431 and 4056489471424 .

If you are used to using W5 dishwashing liquid from LIDL, check these references immediately . If it turns out that you have one of these lots, the Rappel Conso site specifies that you should not use it. This will save you from the harmful effects that may cause the product to be used .

The reminder sheet advises you instead to bring back the W5 dishwashing liquid you have at the store. You can then obtain an immediate refund in compensation . You do not need to bring the receipt you received when purchasing the product.

Lidl advises its customers to call 01 88 24 70 70 for more information on the product recall. Regarding reimbursement, you should know that it will no longer be possible after February 16, 2023 . The recall procedure for this dishwashing liquid will end on this date.

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