Product recall: baby cleansing water recalled throughout France

modified: 2023-01-13 15:38:02

A cleansing water, designed for babies, is the subject of a product recall. In question ? A risk of poisoning.

  Product recall: baby cleansing water recalled throughout France

All parents try to adopt an ideal routine for their infant . Indeed, the skin of young children, very fragile, must be the subject of special care. The goal? A very clean toddler, but also without irritation! Also, to wash and change a baby, we sometimes use specific products. Talc (to stay dry), cleansing milk or very gentle cleansing gels . Most of the time, we imagine that our child is in no danger r with these cosmetics. It's necessary yet be careful . In fact, this week a new product recall has started . And it concerns a cleansing water that is intended for infants.

How do I know if I purchased this product?

January 11, the Rappel Conso site, in connection with the Leclerc brand , issued the alert. He therefore relayed the product recall set up in these stores. On technical sheet available online , we have all the necessary information to identify the batches concerned .

This product recall targets bottles of baby cleansing water , sold at Leclerc under the brand 'Mots d'enfants'. This liquid can be found in 250 ml or 750 ml format . If you are used to shopping at Leclerc, it is better to check your cupboards. In effect, the problem bottles were on shelves from October 14, 2022 to January 2023 .

You can rely on the packaging, for check if you are one of the customers affected by the product recall . The danger concerns the following batches and references:

  • GTIN code 3564700685259, Batch number: 22 283 018, 22 284 018, 22 285 018, 22 286 018
  • GTIN Code 3564700389232, Lot No. : 22 3004 019

The product recall relates only to the bottles with an expiry date of May 31, 2025 .

Why this product recall?

The alert relayed by Rappel Conso recommends that you no longer use these products, and especially not to wash your baby. In fact, analyzes have shown the presence of an anomaly . This is a yeast that can deteriorate the quality of cleaning water. In the medium term, it can therefore impact the texture, or even the smell of this cosmetic liquid . But we also suspect health risks and adverse effects for exposed children.

As a precautionary measure, this product recall has been put in place. If you think you bought one of these bottles, stop using it immediately . Besides, keep an eye on your child, to spot any skin reactions. If in doubt, contact a doctor immediately. To support consumers, there is a dedicated telephone number: 0800865286 . This consumer service will be able to answer all your questions regarding this product recall.

Whatever happens, this product should no longer be used for washing your baby . Then you have to get rid of it. You can throw it away, or bring it back to the store. So you have until April 11, 2023 to obtain a refund . After this date, the product recall will end.

If you have young children in the family, you need to be even more vigilant. Indeed, their organisms often remain more fragile than those of adults . To never miss a new product recall, be sure to follow 'Consumer Recall' on Twitter.

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