Product recall: frozen American lobsters recalled from Lidl stores

modified: 2022-12-23 23:50:03

A new product recall procedure has taken place, it concerns batches of American lobster from Lidl.

  Product recall: frozen American lobsters recalled from Lidl stores

Recently, a new product recall campaign took place on the government site which lists them, Rappel Conso. As Christmas approaches, the flagship products of the meal seem to be the victims of numerous recall campaigns . Indeed, there are products such as shrimp, foie gras, and now lobsters. So, before prepare your meal , it will still be better to check on the Rappel Conso site that none of your products have problems . We'll explaine everything here.

A very different Christmas dinner

Indeed, this year will have been very different from the others on many points. Whether it is for the inflation that has been raging since January, the products that are missing and especially what is in the product recall procedure . Indeed, foie gras seems to be particularly affected by all this. In fact, avian influenza did a lot of damage in France during the year. Many farms seemed to be decimated. But, if until now, breeders could count on imports from Eastern countries, this is no longer possible .

So, with the avian flu and the lack of breeding, foie gras could be the subject of shortages. But on top of that, the foie gras available in stores is much more expensive. As well, one of the foie gras available in stores has been the subject of a product recall . In question, the smell of the latter which was seen modified. So shopping for Christmas dinner seems really difficult. There are also unbranded Creole shrimp that have been the subject of a product recall. .

Product recall of lobsters

Recently, the site Rappel Conso gave the alert for a new product recall campaign. Indeed, the latter also concerns festive products. These are lobsters . We can often find them on the Christmas table, and yet, it is better not to consume those affected by the product recall. In effect, Lidl lobsters seem to carry Listeria.

Thus, the product concerned by the product recall campaign remains the American Lobster – Deluxe sold at Lidl in packs of 350 grams . This recall concerns all of France since the latter were sold in all Lidl in France. If this recall is therefore in place, it remains because of the listeria which is present in some of the lobsters sold by Lidl. This bacterium can trigger the disease of listeriosis which can have serious consequences for consumers . This can lead to brain infection and even death.

Thus, the batches concerned by the product recall are the batches 20257262 with a minimum durability date of August 17, 2024 . The lot 20257262 with a date of minimum durability at August 24, 2024 as well as the batch 20257262 with a date of minimum durability at August 25, 2024 . As well, the products were able to sell between November 21 and the 15 of this month.

What to do in case of product at home?

So, if you know that you bought this product victim of a product recall, you must check its label. In this way, you will know if the lot(s) you own seem concerned or not . If your batch is part of the product recall campaign, it should not be consumed . Indeed, listeria can lead to listeriosis, which remains a serious disease.

So if you have this product, you can decide to bring it back to the store during the product recall campaign . In this way, you will be able to have a full refund of the product. On the other hand, if you have already consumed it, you have to pay close attention to your condition . At the slightest sign of illness such as fever , of the ailments , of the aches , it is necessary consult . Seeing your doctor, you will have to specify what you have consumed as well as the bacteria present.

Source : RTL