Product recall: smoked salmon sold throughout France recalled

modified: 2022-12-18 17:24:02

Another new product recall has been added to the list of the Rappel Conso site, this time it is salmon.

  Product recall: smoked salmon sold throughout France recalled

More and more, product recall campaigns are spreading. And to the approach of Christmas dinner , many French people are starting to buy products for the festive meal. But, during the preparation of meals, some must be very careful about the products they buy. Indeed, it seems that the unmissable products of this festive meal seem to be victims of the product recall. Thus, between foie gras, salmon and shrimp, the Christmas meal risks being undermined. We'll explaine everything here.

Reminder of foie gras

Indeed, many product recall campaigns take place and seem to concern party products. For example, there is a reminder of foie gras. It turns out that the latter remains a 200 g tray. The concern of this product remains that it could be marketed throughout France. So you were able to buy it that it stays at Intermarché, Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, Super U, etc. It is marketed under the brand of Alsatian house Feyel & Artzner . In general, this product is sold for 4 or 6 people.

This product recall then concerns the whole of France. The product in question could have been purchased between November 16 and the 13 of this month . The cause of this recall could be specified on the consumer recall site. Whether this product has thus appeared to undergo a recall , this remains because of “ the alteration organoleptic ”. This actually means that the smell of the latter does not seem normal. Thus, the product undergoes a recall campaign, and this, until January 13 . You then have until that date to bring it back to the store and be entitled to a refund. In any case, it is strongly recommended not to consume this product.

Reminder of prawns

Another product that is currently undergoing a product recall campaign remains the creole shrimp . The latter also remain an unmissable part of the Christmas meal. Indeed, during this kind of festive meal, we often find seafood. Whether it remains oysters, scallops, or even shrimp. But for this product, it is not just a problem of odor. It is indeed the Listeria that is in these shrimps .

So if recently you were able to buy unbranded creole shrimp , you have to be careful. These could be found throughout France. You can notably buy them at Auchan, Intermarché, Leclerc, etc. To recognize these creole shrimps in product recall procedure, you will have to look at their label. If on the latter, you will find the batch number 22332 and the health mark FR 80.561.009 CE , then they should not be consumed.

It turns out that Listeria can have serious negative health effects. Especially if you are one of the fragile people. Thereby, the product recall campaign remains ongoing . It is still advisable to bring them back to the store in order to be reimbursed. But if you have ever consumed it, then you will have to monitor your state of health. And, if necessary, consult your doctor.

Salmon Product Recall

Another product that can often be found on the Christmas table, remains the salmon . Well, the latter too is currently undergoing a product recall campaign. The salmon in question remains the “ Scottish Highlands smoked salmon 300G – 10T ”. It is marketed under the Petit Navire brand. In order to know if you have this product in your fridge, you will again have to look at the label of the latter. The lot in question is 10352143280 , he wears the GTIN number 3760253432306 and has for use-by date next January 4 . You can also refer to his health mark which is FR 29.232.500 CE.

Here too, this product was able to be marketed throughout France. If this product undergoes a product recall campaign, it does not remain due to listeria. The problem is less serious. It's just a labeling error. . Indeed, on the latter, you can see two deadlines for different consumption . This can therefore raise doubts for the consumer. The Rappel Conso site then calls not to consume it , and bring it back to the point of sale. You then have until January 4 to bring it back to the store and get a refund. . You may also be entitled to an exchange in the store, of the same value as the product in question.

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