Product recall: watch out for these oysters recalled everywhere in France

modified: 2022-12-31 21:06:02

Recently, bouzigue oysters seem to be in the midst of a product recall campaign because of the norovirus.

  Product recall: watch out for these oysters recalled everywhere in France

More and more products seem to be affected by the product recall campaigns. And this also remains the case for bouzigue oysters. In effect, each time a product is recalled for a reason. This remains, because the latter presents a danger to the danger of the consumer . So, to avoid causing problems for consumers, product recalls are made and listed on the Rappel Conso site. In the latter, you can find the product sheets with all the information necessary to identify them. . And this also remains the case for bouzigue oysters. We'll explaine everything here.

Product recall campaigns

For many months now, product recall campaigns have been increasing in number. It doesn't seem like a day goes by without something new popping up. To simplify things, the government has set up a site. This is the Conso Reminder site . The purpose of the latter is to identify each product in the product recall procedure. On the site, you can therefore find all the information necessary to identify your product.

By identifying the product, you can know whether or not it is the subject of a product recall. We find information such as packaging, date of manufacture or DLC, batch numbers, GTIN or even the brand. Of course, the reason for the recall remains inscribed as well as the instructions to follow in the event of consumption or possession. . In any case, if you have a product in the recall procedure, you should not consume it. You can take it back to the store for reimbursement. And if you have ever consumed it, Rappel Conso also indicates the steps to follow.

Bouzigue oysters in process

And one of the products that has just joined the list of products in the product recall procedure remains bouzigue oysters. The latter seemed to be marketed by the brand “ BOUZIGUES OYSTERS ”. As far as the models are concerned, all of them are still affected by the recall. The Products have the GTIN number “ 30000461135930 ' and ' 3000115283951 ” and the batches in question all remain.

The product recall is done on a national scale. Indeed, the major distributors who sell them remain Auchan as well as Leclerc. The cause therefore remains the presence of the risk of norovirus. Thus, Rappel Conso recommends in case of possession of “ Stop consuming, Return the product to the point of sale, Destroy the product ”.

And for precautions, the recommendation remains “ People who have consumed the products mentioned above and who present symptoms of gastroenteritis (vomiting, diarrhea frequently accompanied by moderate fever), are invited to consult their doctor and report this consumption. Immunocompromised people should be particularly attentive to these symptoms, which may suggest an infection by a virus (Norovirus), responsible for gastroenteritis, the incubation period of which can be up to 48 hours. ”.

So, if you own this product, you should not consume it, you can however bring it back to the store for a refund. A number is also available on 0467184190.

Source : Drink reminder