Product reminder: do not eat this very popular charcuterie for an aperitif, it is contaminated!

modified: 2022-09-28 16:12:04

A product recall on charcuterie has just been launched. Dry sausages of some brands are withdrawn from the market.

  Product recall

When a group of friends or colleagues share an aperitif , there are some essential products. Indeed, such a moment without deli meats It's not complete. During the latter, we are mainly used to consuming small dry cold cuts such as sausages, dry sausages and cheese . Be careful, however, because some of these foods are the subject of a product recall .

Product reminder: It's the turn of dry sausages!

Decidedly, we are far from consuming healthy and fuss-free products . We remember in particular the reminder on cod accras and goat logs . But now it's the turn of a much-loved star product to be recalled. The product in question is the favorite of the French, an essential for moments of relaxation after the work .

This is a Product recall of Paul et Ferdinand brand dry sausage . The consumer reminder service suspects the presence of the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes . Since Monday, September 26, the sausage has been the subject of a product recall .

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It's about product marketed under packaging 250 g kraft bag. Paul and Ferdinand's dry sausage was on sale between September 08, 2022 and September 22, 2022 . It was available in multiple stores across the country . Specifically, a series of lots are involved in this story. This is particularly the case of lot 22331 with a durability date of 11/05/2022, lot 22331 with a durability date of 11/06/2022.

The same is true for the lot 22331 whose durability date is for 06/11/2022 and for 12/11/2022, 13/11/2022 and 14/11/2022. In this product recall dry sausage from Paul and Ferdinand, the brand is also challenged. And this, for sure product safety : FR07.138. 002 CE.

What are the risks if you have already consumed the product?

In case of consumption dry sausage from Paul and Ferdinand mentioned above, there is nothing to panic about. Unless you present symptoms like fever or headache .

In this case, it is imperative to go with your usual doctor . And remember to tell him that you have consumes dry sausage with a suspicion of the presence of Listeria bacteria monocytogenes.

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Listeriosis is the disease caused by the consumption of the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. You must know that the bacteria can have a long incubation period . And this, for up to eight weeks. During this whole period, can already do havoc in your body .

It can lead to complications neurological hence this product recall . But it can also cause maternal or fetal damage for a pregnant woman. This is why, even if deli meats are not necessarily reminder items, it is advisable to do not consume it during pregnancy .

Product recall: Find the list of other products that have been the subject of a Conso recall!

The site Drink reminder is available to help you check, from time to time, the list of products that have been the subject of a product recall. If you have Paul and Ferdinand's dry sausage in your kitchen, immediately check the lot number .

If it is understood between the references given above , you should not consume them. You must bring it back to a point of sale , the closest for this product recall. You can proceed by suite to proceed to a refund request . Otherwise, immediately destroy the product. Also, don't throw it in the trash. Indeed, it must be avoided that it falls into the hands of other people.