Product reminder: these goat cheese logs are contaminated, you must not eat them!

modified: 2022-09-25 00:00:01

Product recall appealed to buyers not to consume food! Defective food? We will know right away!

  Product recall

Food products are very important for our daily life! This is why it is essential to know whether the foods we eat do not present risks to our health . However, if the opposite occurs, the government is there to help us. Moreover, recently a product that is already sold was the subject of a product recall! A government site has recommended to consumers to avoid the article in question. But what product is it? What is the reason ? Discover them in this edition!

Product recall: This well-known food, recalled by Rappel conso!

Lately, a product recall has taken place on the official website of Rappel conso . And yes ! It has been observed that many goods have been recalled to France these days.

In particular, after the jams and the compotes, it is now the turn of the goat logs to be on the list. This article actually contains a chemical component which is not good for health.

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The Conso reminder platform warned the consumers on this merchandise. He prohibited the client from consuming its goat cheeses already sold, specifically the logs made with it.

And of course, this product recall measure is always justified. Especially since analyzes and research took place on the products before the recall.

The cause behind the recall launched on these goat cheese logs

The cheeses are one of the most purchased appetizers on the market in France. According to the Conso Reminder platform, these logs of cheese goat cheese contain foreign bodies which could injure consumers.

The site government explained that This product contains metal objects . Very dangerous objects for customers hence the launch of the product recall.

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It is really not recommended to eat these logs Goat. They recalled this food because of its possible presence pieces of metal, glass, plastic or paper .

Indeed, consuming these products could cause injury or other undesirable consequences . Recall conso has carried out the product recall in order to help consumers.

Product recall: The distributor and the products concerned?

For this time, the supplier involved in a product recall was the Leclerc store or The Crusaders. As a result, Consumer recall has carried out the product recall. for some references .

The procedure began on September 13. Nevertheless, the French state platform found that two new foundations of the brand have added themselves to the list last september 22 .

To better help buyers, Info conso has revealed the list of all recalled products. It was about the goat log founding 180 g and also Saint-Maure 300 g.

And indeed, the goods were under the brand Les Croisés . Again, they were the subject of a product recall. For these goat cheese logs, buyers had to be able to bring them back to the suppliers concerned. Consumers can be, in fact, compensated for these recalled products .