Product reminder: these shrimps sold throughout France are contaminated, do not eat them!

modified: 2022-09-29 18:13:02

Product recalls have become a consumer bane. This week, a new product was taken off the shelves.

  Product recall

Nowadays everyone knows that despite the standards , an incident may occur. Moreover, it is often an error during manufacturing or a problem with the product packaging. Therefore, any article can be the subject of a product recall . Now, brands, manufacturers and the state are trying to cooperate to protect the population. These last months, certain brands, such as Kinder , had to give up selling certain lots. The reason ? Risks for the health of those who ingest the product . And today we're going to talk about a crustacean adored by all gourmets . Unfortunately, some lots are affected by a product recall.

How to identify this product to avoid?

It is plain and peeled prawn tails . They are part of the range Carrefour The market. In addition, the prawns come in 250 g trays. This product recall therefore concerns a rather sensitive food in terms of hygiene .

On the brand's website, a sheet indicated the references to be checked. So you can spot the dangerous shrimp checking their packaging.

  • GTIN 352368043666, Lot No. 2222570002, with an expiry date of 09/26/2022.
  • GTIN 352368043666, Lot No. 2222580002, with a use-by date of 09/27/2022.
  • GTIN 352368043666, Lot No. 2222620116, with an expiry date of 01/10/2022.
  • GTIN 352368043666, Lot No. 2222650003, with a use-by date of 04/10/2022.

The shrimp targeted by this product recall were sold in supermarkets Carrefour . We could find these trays on the shelves between September 15 and 23, 2022. In addition, the brand offered these lots in all of France. The product recall is therefore valid for all , no matter what region you live in.

According to the authorities, these trays should be destroyed or returned to the store for get compensation . You can do this until October 7, 2022. After this date, the product recall will take finish .

Why are these shrimps the subject of a product recall?

For protect consumers , Carrefour did not hesitate to remove these prawns from the shelves. Indeed, they would contain traces of Vibrio vulnificus. At the slightest doubt, the sign therefore applied the precautionary principle . She then triggered a product recall.

In effect, this contamination can have serious effects about health. This can mainly concern gastric and intestinal disorders. However, on the most fragile, these poisonings can be quite serious . If you have young children or seniors in your household, you must therefore be careful.

In connection with this product recall, if you believe you have eaten or purchased these shrimp, monitor your health . In case of symptoms such as nausea or diarrhoea, see your doctor very quickly.

Finally, get regular updates on ongoing procedures in supermarkets . To avoid missing any product recalls, you can rely on the site dedicated government. Networks are also a good way to learn about the subject. So do not hesitate to follow accounts like Rappel Conso on Twitter, or 60 million consumers on Instagram. By subscribing to these feeds, you will be able to receive alerts in real time . This way you avoid take risks or expose your family to dangerous products.