Product reminder: this essential food for the aperitif is dangerous, do not eat it!

modified: 2022-09-25 16:00:01

For the past few months, customers have had to remain vigilant at the supermarket. By the way, here is a new product recall

  Product recall

Since a few months, several health scandals have erupted . So brands like Buitoni ou Kinder saw their reputation tarnished. In question ? Foods with a serious danger for health. In order to warn consumers, the French State identifies this type of problem on Drinks Reminder. On this platform , a new product recall concerns batches of cod accras…

A tasty product affected by this latest product recall

The greediest among us know the accras well. Made from fish and donut dough, these are a Creole specialty . Thus, we often find this dish in the West Indies . But some batches sold in stores are now the subject of a product recall.

Behind this popular food , the danger remains. Thus, accras have a recipe quite precise. With a bit of motivation , you can absolutely cook them yourself. Moreover, there is many recipes and variations around these little donuts.

In this precise case, product recall concerns industrial accras. This means that they were made on the line. A much faster method , efficient and economical for manufacturers.

But that didn't stop some lots to present risks for consumers . The Carrefour brand, which sells these accras, immediately took the lead by launching a massive product recall. The Rappel Conso site did not fail to relay this alert.

Why are these accras a problem?

Accras targeted by this latest product recall belong to Carrefour supermarkets. According to the brand, the lots concerned were sold from September 20 to 21, 2022. It is absolutely not necessary consume these products . Indeed, they may contain foreign bodies.

The fact sheet of this product recall therefore mentions the presence of glass, plastic or metal. This type of debris can cause choking, but also injury.

To find out if you have purchased targeted accras by this product recall, the authorities explained the information to be verified.

  • The serial number: 2263542
  • The GTIN reference: 3523680434226
  • The expiry date, set for October 16, 2022

Looking at the packaging , so you can easily identify a risky tray. Under this product recall, you absolutely must not eat this food. So, be sure to destroy it . Until October 6, 2022, you can also bring it back in store . You will then get reimbursement .

Therefore, avoid taking any risks . This case also confirms to us that we must all exercise caution. In effect, many items may be subject to a product recall . Most often, people talk about foodstuffs food , such as milk or meat. But often, this special procedure can concern cookies or even toys . The only way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to be constantly informed.

Fortunately, the site put online by the French State constitutes a reliable source . Every day, the platform publishes the slightest product recall in progress. And she does not hesitate to relay alerts on social networks , like Twitter.