Progressive retirement: who can benefit from it?

modified: 2023-01-10 00:49:02

Still little known, gradual retirement allows you to reduce your working time at the end of your career, by receiving part of your pension.

  Progressive retirement: who can benefit from it?

For some people, the end of a career is a dream . Thus, they have many life projects such as trips, planned for retirement. But for others, quitting work doesn't only have good sides . Lower standard of living, social life at a standstill… To quit your job smoothly, gradual retirement remains the ideal solution . It allows to perceive (in part) in pension , while slowing down the pace at work. We will explain everything to you.

Who can apply for phased retirement?

To qualify for this scheme, you must fulfill several criteria :

  • Be 60 or older.
  • have contributed more 150 quarters or more .

The progressive reform is thus aimed at private sector employees . And for good reason: as they age, some people need more rest. At 60, a professional activity can be tougher than at 30.

Or, with phased retirement, you can reduce your working time I. According to the URSSAF, the duration indicated on your contract must be between 40% and 80% of a full-time job. If your salary drops accordingly, you can simultaneously receive your pension . “For example: for an employee who works 70% full-time, the fraction of the pension that will be paid to him under retirement will be equal to 30% of the full pension to which he is entitled on that date. »

Other good news? You can continue to contribute for increase the final amount of your pension . According to Social Security, “When you take your final retirement, the amount is recalculated. »

Why is the government putting this device in full light?

With the upcoming pension reform, the employment of seniors remains a key issue for the executive branch. According to Olivier Dussopt , phased retirement could therefore play a key role following the changes implied by this new text. “To be successful, this reform must ensure the recovery the employment rate of seniors. «

Indeed, as we have mentioned, phased retirement remains little used by employees . In addition, 35% of people between the ages of 60 and 64 remain unemployed. The Minister of Labor therefore considers that 'facilitating access to progressive retirement' constitutes an interesting track .

On the side of the unions, the discourse seems more nuanced. Thus, Claude Wagner, of the retired CFDT, recalls that this device is not automatic . 'You need the employer's agreement to work part-time. In addition, the employee has the right to ask the company to contribute to his retirement, as if he were full-time. What some employers refuse. »

Thus, in 2021, only 12,000 progressive retirements could have taken place. The total number of beneficiaries of the scheme was then only 22,600. For the time being, this measure excludes civil servants . A situation that Olivier Dussopt intends to remedy. “We want to open phased retirement to the Civil Service. »

On the side of union FO civil servant , this prospect meets with a certain enthusiasm. “Gradual retirement would alleviate the hardship. We are therefore in favor of it. (…) Today, when you work with users, your working conditions can be very difficult. »

Source : West France