Property tax: some municipalities lower the bill if you renovate your home

modified: 2022-12-17 00:08:02

In some municipalities, homeowners can now obtain a property tax rebate by renovating their property.

  Property tax: some municipalities lower the bill if you renovate your home

With the French tax system, many citizens wince when you start talking about taxes. Did you know that there is a way to reduce some of them and even not to pay in some cases? In effect, be exempt from property tax by renovating your home, it is now possible. Find out what it takes to achieve this in the next few lines.

The municipalities concerned

A tax boost is currently making owners happy. Thanks to this, those who undertake energy renovation work benefit from an exemption from property tax. The measure was voted by about 453 municipalities .

Among these municipalities, the National Agency for Housing Information (Anil) revealed 13 of them to Le Figaro :

  • Signy-le-Petit, Rimogne, Prix-lès-Mézières, Gespunsart, Damouzy, Charleville-Mézières and Aiglemont, in the Ardennes (08)
  • Lambesc, in the Bouches-du-Rhône (13)
  • Gières, Fontaine and Eybens in Isère (38)
  • Breuillet and Massy, ​​in Essonne (91)

The official list of all the municipalities that voted for the measure has not yet been disclosed . To find out if your municipality is concerned, you must contact your town hall or go to the tax office. In addition, the property tax exemption can be total or partial.

That is, you can either get only a property tax rebate or be totally exempt. Note that you can benefit from the rebate whether you own a single-family home or a condominium apartment.

For this, your accommodation must just be eligible. For your information, the property tax exemption benefited 10,185 locals this year . Among these 10,185 premises are owners based in Massy.

In the municipality, the measure benefited a large number of occupants . In particular, to owners of housing completed before 1989 and having carried out major energy renovation work.

The conditions to be fulfilled

Obtaining a property tax rebate requires fulfill several conditions . These conditions, we will detail them to you immediately.

First, in order for you to be exempt, your home must have been built before January 1, 1989 . Then, you must have spent at least €10,000 including tax on equipment per accommodation. This is in order to save energy.

These equipment purchases must be made during the first year preceding the year of application of the exemption. Besides, you can also get a discount if you have spent at least 15,000 euros per accommodation t. And this, during the three years preceding the application of the exemption.

note that works eligible for exemption from property tax are the same as those used for the CITE. For those who still don't know, these works are:

  • Replacement of doors or windows
  • Insulation of attics, walls, or floors
  • Less energy-consuming and more ecological heating installation
  • Installation of wood-fired hot water supply equipment
  • Installation of hot water supply equipment using thermal energy
  • Installation of equipment for connection to a heat source, etc.

People eligible for property tax exemption can send their file to their tax department before 31 December. In these files, information about them such as their address or the amount of their invoices must be registered.

Important point. The renovation work carried out in 2023 will make it possible to benefit from the measure in 2024 and until 2026 . Those who wish to benefit from the aid will therefore have to send their files to the service of tax before the end of 2023 .

These works which increase the property tax

You may not know it, but certain renovations can significantly increase your property tax. This is the case, for example, if you install a guest bedroom, a shower or even a WC . As these elements are “comfort” elements, installing them is more expensive than the others.

“The m² are corrected by coefficients linked to the condition of the property, and its geographical location in the municipality. The so-called “comfort” elements add additional m²,” said lawyer specializing in tax law, Karine Ambroise.

As explained by Karine Ambroise, the connection to the networks as well as the sanitary and heating elements are considered as elements of comfort . They are classified in this category because the property tax calculation method is still that of 1970.

At the time, having a toilet or a bathroom at home was not the norm. So, when installing one of these elements, we no longer have a classic house . This inflates the property tax.

Source : Le Figaro