Purchasing power: exchanging cents for vouchers

modified: 2023-01-15 21:17:02

This is a new trick to boost your purchasing power. Terminals collect your cents for vouchers.

  Power of'achat :échanger des centimes contre des bons d'achats

The year 2022 has known unprecedented inflation . According to INSEE, this price increase reached 5.9% in December 2022. And according to the predictions of some experts , this trend should continue in 2023. Under these conditions, the purchasing power of the French has dropped considerably . Thus, shopping in a supermarket is becoming an increasingly stressful experience. In question ? Products that cost more and more . But recently, consumers can take advantage of a new good plan. These are terminals that allow exchange cents for vouchers .

How do these terminals work?

This system has existed since 1991 in the United States . But since 2018, the Coinstar company has bought the French company Eurocycleur . Since then, these two markets coexist in France. Coinstar terminals are most often located in hypermarkets like Auchan and Cora . And you can find Eurocycleur machines in supermarkets, but also in local shops. These facilities constitute an ideal solution to improve your purchasing power .

This service will allow you to get rid of your countless red and yellow pieces , easily and quickly. You will then obtain a voucher, which is very practical to use. That said, you won't be able to use it in just any store. Thus, if you do this operation at Carrefour, you will have to spend this coupon within the brand. The period of validity of the voucher may vary depending on the chain stores. On average, it reaches 30 days.

Also, be aware that Coinstar terminals charge a fee of 9.9% . While Eurocycleur machines will leave your purchasing power intact. So you can get a voucher equal to the amount you deposited , in cents.

Purchasing power: where to find this good plan?

To find collection points near you, go to the Coinstar site . Indeed, it allows to perform a search by indicating your address , or simply by zooming in on the map. This tool will allow you to locate both types of terminals. Eurocycleur machines appear as white dots with blue dots. And the Coinstar terminals are represented on the map by blue dots with white dots. What increase see purchasing power easily during your daily shopping.

In addition, this system has other advantages. So it can allow you to transfer vouchers to your loyalty card . But also to consult the information and the balance of the latter. Finally, you can also donate your pennies to associations using these terminals. Thereby, Operation Yellow Pieces are among the partners of this new tool. These machines will also allow you to boost your purchasing power with contests.

This system has met with great success throughout the national territory ( in the DOM-TOM as in Metropolitan France ). The enthusiasm is such that these terminals should soon appear in neighboring countries of France, such as Belgium . Let's hope that European consumers will soon be able to take advantage of this good plan for their purchasing power. Indeed, other states also face significant problems with inflation.

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