Purchasing power: find out what banks offer to help their customers!

modified: 2022-09-19 15:08:01

To help their customers, some banks have taken decisions. However, these are not enough to improve purchasing power.

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The government is constantly taking new measures to improve the purchasing power of the French. Apparently, the banks will also take part with this measure concerning their tariffs. Can this be enough to deal with current inflation?

Purchasing power: Limiting the increase in bank rates

Currently, inflation continues to affect the purchasing power of the French. A situation that forces banks to take new measures. Apparently, it is on this subject that the minister of the Economy confided on Tuesday, September 13th.

Particularly on next year's bank rate hike. From what he said, the latter will be limited to two% . Obviously, this decision has a specific purpose.

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This limitation of the increase in bank charges is considered as a bank fee shield . It was established to support the energy shield already in place.

Obviously, the main objective is that it may have a impact on purchasing power. With this measure, we can claim a 5.8% reduction in the effect of inflation over one year in August. And this, according to an estimate that INSEE has made.

The declaration of the French Banking Federation

Lately, the banks and the government have been in negotiations regarding the fixing of bank tariffs in 2023. Apparently, most of the banks have decided to freeze their rates for some of their customers in France. This is the case for La Banque Postale, LCL, BNP Paribas and Crédit Coopératif.

That's what Bruno the Mayor considered a significant effort. Unfortunately, this turns out to be insufficient to have any effect on the purchasing power of the French.

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According to the statement of the French Banking Federation, only customers in financial difficulty will benefit from this offer. Thus, bank rates will drop from 3 euros to 1 euro per month for the latter.

Apparently, this is valid for certain operations such as account management, payment card or bank details. Obviously, this will surely have an effect on the purchasing power of some homes .

Purchasing power: Only fragile customers will benefit from this offer

However, certain ancillary costs are not subject to this reduction in bank rates for next year. Thus, the incident costs will remain at the same rate. Despite this, another measure concerning the latter has been taken for fragile customers.

Apparently, they will be fixed on a ceiling of 25 euros per month. As d’information , the French spend an average of 118 euros per year to cover these costs. It remains to be seen what this will change on purchasing power.

On his side, Jean-Yves Mano , president of the association consumer defense CLCV does not fully support this measure. According to him, all customers should benefit from this offer on the ceiling of incident costs.

For the president of the UFC-Que Choisir, Alain Bazot, this decision is a masquerade. Indeed, he does not agree that it is the banks that draw up the list of fragile customers. Be that as it may, these institutions have not yet taken initiatives that are sufficient to improve purchasing power.