Purchasing power: the 2023 aid calendar to deal with inflation

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Inflation has wreaked havoc on French territory. Here is the calendar of aid that supports the purchasing power of the French.

  purchasing power

The year 2022 proved to be a difficult year for many people, and especially the most modest French households. I have to say that inflation had an unprecedented impact on the territory. The French therefore had to deal with the rising prices of everything. Whether it is food, fuel, energy… Unfortunately, although there is a slowdown, the effects of inflation continue to persist. After months of rising prices, the wallets of many French households are left empty. And all the more so with the holiday season. The government has therefore put in place a number of aids in an attempt to support the purchasing power of the latter. Here is the 2023 calendar assistance on the territory which will aim to support the purchasing power of the French. We will explain everything to you !

Inflation on French territory

The French are struggling to stay upright after this difficult year. It must be said that inflation has wreaked havoc on the territory. And this, especially among the most modest French households. Between June 2021 and November 2022, as you know, inflation in the European zone continued to grow at high speed. There are many reasons for this inflation. Whether it's Covid-19, the conflict between our eastern neighbors or weather events. It is therefore difficult to single out one thing. Unfortunately, all these events have had a negative influence on the purchasing power of the French. Indeed, price increases have continued to fuel the decline in purchasing power of the most modest French households. The government constantly seeks to find solutions.

Our colleagues from Capital sought to quantify these increases. So it turns out that in September, Inflation in the European zone reached a record figure of 10.6% . And this, before falling back to 10% the following month. In France, the figures mentioned differ a little. Indeed, the most difficult months were in October and November. According to INSEE, at this time of year, inflation and therefore the consumer price index reached 6.2% on French territory . An increase which, despite everything, had a great impact on the territory but also on the purchasing power of the most modest French households. Since then, the months have been just as difficult as each other. And to top it off, the holiday season has begun. A time of year already well known for portfolio effects.

Foods particularly affected

Many products have undergone the consequences of inflation on the territory . As mentioned earlier, inflation has wreaked havoc in France. And this, in the sector of food, fuel supply, or even electrical energy and gas, etc. It should be known that the French are constantly fighting against this price increase, in vain. Some essential areas have therefore suffered unprecedented price increases. When it comes to food, the consequences have been shocking. Over one year, inflation in this area reached 12.1% in November. A number that seems absurd . Among the food products most affected in November, we find meat (13.7%) or milk, cheese and eggs (16%). This therefore has a strong impact on the purchasing power of French consumers.

All these increases have caused the cost of living to rise as well. The French therefore find themselves in difficulty paying their groceries, their bills or their rent at the end of the month. The government therefore wanted set up aid for French households . And this, in order to help in the fight against inflation and especially to raise the purchasing power which has fallen a lot in recent months. Since September, many measures have been put in place. And this, with the main aim of supporting the purchasing power of the most modest French households. Whether with the rebate on fuel or the exceptional energy check. Unfortunately, many of them end on December 31. So here the calendar of known aid for 2023 .

Aid to support purchasing power

Purchasing power: The fuel bonus

First of all, we find the first carburan t . This premium aims to help the most modest French households to pay their full and above all to support their purchasing power. It must be said that fuel has experienced an unprecedented price increase in recent months. Thereby, from January 16, 2023 , a payment of 100 euros will be sent to 10 million workers the most precarious. In order to be one of the beneficiaries, you will then have to go to the impots.gouv.fr site with your tax number and license plate. As well as a sworn statement certifying that the car plays an essential role in getting to work.

The tariff shield

As it concerns the tariff shield , it would seem that it will be extended beyond the year 2022. As you know, Elisabeth Borne, the French Prime Minister made an announcement in September. During this speech, she mentioned the new shield 2023. The latter will aim to limit gas price increases to 15% for the month of January 2023 and also to 15% for the gas price in February 2023. According to him, the tariff shield concerns “ all households, condominiums, social housing, small businesses and smaller municipalities '. The extension of a measure that has already helped a lot to support the purchasing power of the most modest French households.

Purchasing power: MaPrimeRénov’

You probably all know the MaPrimeRénov’ scheme. It should then be noted that the ceilings of this aid will be revalued in February 2023. They will then pass from 15,000 to 25,000 euros for the special device concerning condominiums. But also from 30,000 to 35,000 euros for MaPrimeRénov’ serenity. And this, as announced by Christophe Béchu, the Minister of Ecological Transition, in a press release. It should then be known that this aid can no longer be used for the purchase of a gas boiler. from January 1, 2023 . This aid will still serve to boost the purchasing power of many French people.

Carpooling bonus

La prime covoiturage : a bonus which aims to encourage the French to carpool for home-work journeys. In 2023, the government wishes deepen this help. Thus, the government has opened a bonus of 100 euros for drivers. The payment conditions are very simple. From January 1, 2023, the driver will be able to request a first payment of 25 euros. And this, from the first carpooling trip. Then, in order to receive the remaining 75 euros, it will be necessary to complete nine other home-work journeys. A payment that helps support the purchasing power of the most precarious French workers.

The different energy vouchers to support purchasing power

At last, the subject of energy checks . As you know, there are many different types of checks that help support the purchasing power of the most modest French people. First of all, the original energy check . In the spring of 2023, nearly 6 million French households will be able to receive this aid, worth a maximum of 277 euros. The amount is calculated according to the income of each and the sending of the check is done automatically, without necessary steps. Then, we find then the exceptional energy check. The latter should concern 12 million French households. Worth 100 or 200 euros, it has been sent since December 12, 2022. However, some French people will not receive it before the end of January 2023.

In the face of inflation, the government has also put in place an energy check for wood . Indeed, from December 27, 2022 to April 30, 2023, fireplaces that heat with wood will be able to receive assistance. This check will constitute a payment of an amount between 50 and 200 euros. It is also used to support the purchasing power of French people who use a wood heating system. To receive this check, all you have to do is make a request on the chequeenergie.gouv.fr website. Finally, we find the fuel oil check. Like that of wood, French people who use an oil heating system will be able to benefit from an energy check. There are no steps to take in order to receive the check, the value of which is between 100 and 200 euros.

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