Purchasing power: the minimum wage for this essential profession will increase to €2,000 net in 2023!

modified: 2022-09-15 15:52:05

This 2022-2023 school year almost suffered the consequences of the teachers' salary strike. An ideal solution has arrived at the right time!


The problem of purchasing power has shaken many sectors in France. So far, we have only heard the voice of consumers and merchants on the subject. Therefore, it is believed that it is the food sector that has suffered the most from this increase. It should be noted that education has also been disrupted by this scourge. Parents struggled to register children. Teachers even came close to quitting their jobs without a pay rise. We explain to you!

Demotivated on the salary side, teachers held a popular meeting!

Teaching has often been seen as a vocation . If a person chooses to undertake this path, it is because he wants to contribute in this sector. Among other things, becoming the former young people who will be the leaders of tomorrow!

In terms of salary, the job of a teacher has never been more attractive than all the others. Since the recent crises in the country, the passion for this profession is no longer enough for some. Financial difficulties also weigh on their family .

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What prompted the group teachers of France to make a claim! A popular strike that did not go unnoticed before school starts. At the same time, worried everyone, starting with the parents of students.

According to official sources, these demonstrators are unhappy with their salaries. They threaten not to return to class for next year. However, establishments in France are already suffering from a lack of tenured professors.

The 2022-2023 school year almost went wrong because of a teacher shortage!

Compared to every year, this back-to-school was the most painful for all . No one is excluded from this! Parents, students, school officials and teachers have all been impacted by this situation.

Therefore, each party had to make arrangements to find solutions to their problems. Thus, managing to save this return to school! For parents, for example, they had the help of allocations coming from CAF to pay for everything. The teachers went on salary strike!

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Fortunately, their requests were heard quickly . On September 12, the Minister of Education spoke about them in his speech. Pap Ndiaye announced that a revaluation would take place in the new year. What is it about ?

The state has decided to raise the salaries of teachers 2,000 euros net per month. To make up for the 62% lack of education in the establishments, they have also recruited 4,500 contract workers per region.

Salary: This initiative has already been part of the new state policy!

Salary: Of course, this manifestation teachers was the last straw. By this we mean that this new framework law has been adopted.

Nevertheless, it is also pointed out that President Emmanuel Macron already made this promise last April . Its realization was a little delayed because of the expectation of his election to the Senate.

From 2023, the teachers will receive this new salary to motivate them to return to class. In addition, they will have reinforcements to help them with the 35,000 contractors throughout the country.

By the way, they will also receive this same amount declared by the ministry . Therefore, there is nothing more to fear, because this school year 2022-2023 should go very well!