Purchasing power: what you need to know about the new €50 aid planned by the State to help households!

modified: 2022-09-24 20:57:01

The problem of purchasing power has deprived us of all our rights. Soon, it will be our ability to move that it will reach!

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Seen that students are back in class , the State will now work on the cas from another sector. It should be noted that several areas have been impacted by this inflation and the decline in purchasing power . To manage this crisis, leaders intervene simultaneously in each activity . According to the Parisian, he will now focus on rising prices public transport . Here are those action plans!

Purchasing power: Citizens hardly have the possibility to move around!

Move as you please is part of rights fundamental for a person. It's still a way of asserting your freedom! No one would like to remain captive in their house. Already, the period of confinement and its restrictive measures have been a real ordeal for all. From now on, history seems to want to repeat itself . This time, it is the purchasing power which is in question in this situation . Why ? We explain to you!

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Since the arrival of this inflation, the prices of goods and services have risen a lot . A growing increase to such an extent that the purchasing power of each found itself on the Straw . The first sectors affected by this problem were fuel and gas prices .

That is why the country's media are already anticipating increased public transport costs in 2023. As a result, many low-income households will see a concern for their movement!

A rumor is circulating about the arrival of new state aid!

Certainly, the government has already submitted a provisional timetable aid that they will allocate soon. Apparently this crisis linked to purchasing power will take time to fade! So it's reassuring to know that the State still intends to support everyone in the face of this difficulty . According to the Parisian, he does not think to stop there! Corridor rumors reported that he still had a trick up his sleeve .

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This information that is rumored in our entourage affirms that a check for 50 euros will be granted to families . Why ? It would be an aid dedicated to enhance the purchasing power of citizens. As the price of the train journey going up, they're going to hand it out as a discount on transportation.

Will be eligible people to this help? According to the Parisian, modest families will always be the first beneficiaries. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that this circle expand!

Purchasing power: Does this aid concern all transmission lines?

As we just stated earlier, this check from 50 euros will be exclusively dedicated to rail transport . It is the main public transport chosen by low-income households. Faced with their lack of purchasing power, it is certain that they will no longer be able pay their train fare shortly .

Then this aide will only be functional with regional lines . Therefore, do not expect to make a long trip to the end of the world with this check ! This purchasing power aid is intended to make your daily journeys easier. When it arrives, we are counting on you to use it wisely !

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