Rachel Dolezal Still Thinks She’s Black – And Hasn’t Been Able To Get A Job In 6 Years

So it ends up when your name ends up being associated with among the most widely derided phenomenons in modern-day society, it inconveniences to get a task.

Back in 2015 Rachel Dolezal ended up being popular as– if not the very first– definitely the most glaring example of a white lady choosing one day she had actually rather pretend to be Black. Not just did she transfer to a brand-new city under the guise of being African American, persuading all her brand-new good friends and colleagues– she ended up being the head of her regional NAACP chapter! While there’s some level of conflict out there about cultural appropriation and what is and isn’t OKAY, it appeared like what this lady did was something everybody might concur was EFFED UP. Her name has actually shown up whenever this has actually occurred just recently– a shockingly non-zero quantity– consisting of when all of us found out Hilaria Baldwin was in fact Hillary from Boston.

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We think that got Tamron Hall and her manufacturers questioning … what is Rachel already? And they had her on the program today to learn. Did the nationwide rebuke persuade her she was in the incorrect? Did she grow and find out and alter?


Girl is still persuaded she’s now a Black lady, in spite of having white moms and dads and brother or sisters. She even appeared on the program through Skype in braids, with a map of Africa behind her. She considers herself “transracial,” which is simply offending. Oh, and she wishes to be called by the Nigerian name Nkechi Amare Diallo now. Yeah, we’re refraining from doing that.

OK, so the main point Rachel wished to state to Tamron? She can’t appear to get a task!

Yes, she states she can’t surpass the interview phase. We think as quickly as individuals put the face and the name together, they recognize what they’re handling and think what? No background check essential. She whinged:

” I began with obtaining all of the important things I was gotten approved for and after interviews and getting rejected, I even used to tasks that didn’t even need degrees, being a housemaid at a hotel, operating at a gambling establishment. I wasn’t able to get any of those tasks either.”

Yeah, not stunned. She appears to believe the issue is not in the mirror however on the web, where there’s simply excessive “incorrect” info about her out there. In a plug for her commonly derided narrative, In Full Color, she declared:

” The only location that my real story lives remains in my book.”

She waved the tome in front of the video camera.

” I believe that individuals, you understand, aren’t going to go look for my book if they’re simply searching for a worker, so it’s been difficult for sure, however I have actually not quit.”

Speaking on her injustice, she continued:

” Not working for 6 years, needing to produce my own task and discover my own methods to attend to my kids through intertwining hair, through grant composing to bring funds into marginalized neighborhoods and Black-owned services and non-profits, through painting, through doing pep talks on Cameo.com.”

Watch the entire cringeworthy interview (listed below)!

[Image via Tamron Hall/YouTube/Rachel Dolezal/Instagram.]

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