Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin (Large Families) talks about her finances: 'Allowances are part of our budget'

modified: 2022-10-01 12:37:03

The participants of the show Les Familles Numerouses stand out for the size of their household. The candidates confide in their finances!

  Large families

The comments are going wild on the internet lately. The viewers of the program Les Familles Numerouses, La vie en XXL accuse, in fact, the participants of taking advantage of grants offered by CAF . Let us take as an example the case of the Jean-Zéphirin family , victim of hateful comments.

Large families: The Jean-Zéphirin family is a subject of mockery

This couple agreed to participate in the Large Families program : Life in XXL. Therefore, they have already consented to their daily life being revealed to the public. The sudden notoriety can be very beneficial for some families .

It is, however, a source of criticism and teasing for others. Such is the situation in which the Jean-Zéphirin family finds itself.

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As a reminder, the couple Raoudha and Stéphane Jean-Zéphirin have eight children together. Following their participation in the program Les Familles Numerous, this family receives a family allowance .

What triggers various comments on social networks . Particularly on Twitter . The announcement of the arrival of their ninth child was the main trigger for criticism.

The mother of the family explains her financial situation

Some netizens think, in fact, that the couple, having already 8 eight children , is very selfish. The latter think that the participant of Large Families uses her children to obtain money. allocation . The mother could not to be silent in the face of such mockery .

She therefore gave her explanations, in particular r the financial situation of the family. Raoudha Jean-Zéphirin therefore did not hesitate to reveal her expenses daily.

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She explained more details about this topic during his interview with our colleagues from Télé 2 Semaines. The amount she expense for groceries varies each week depending on the case. Know when children eat at school, are on holidays or when they are all at home.

It is also necessary to plan in addition to food a budget for milk, clothes and diapers. The competitor of Large families admitted that the sum of their needs for a week was 500 euros.

Large families: The expense cannot be reduced!

In the face of ridicule on the social networks, the mother family explains his expenses. She also claimed that spending less was impossible for the case of large families . They are a total of ten in the household.

Besides, the mom added that the family does not spend too much on other products. They do not buy luxury clothes or expensive products. According to her, s he family knows the value of money .

a letter, the subsidy is useful for large families . However, this does not mean that it is sufficient for the whole family go on vacation. It should be noted that Stéphane, the man of the house, earns a fairly good living.

It is his remuneration which is added to the subsidies in order to cover household expenses in a month. The two incomes are thus complementary . Therefore, as their expenditure reaches an enormous sum, the allowance only covers a quarter .

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