Rap artist Macklemore on His Diet and Exercise Routine, Hates Leg Day

In 2012, rap artist and songwriter Macklemore had the whole nation singing along to his hit tunes “Can’t Hold United States” and “Thrift Shop.” A lot has actually altered ever since … however something that’s stayed continuous is the 37-year-old’s drive to remain fit. For the newest installation of

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took a journey to Macklemore’s Los Angeles house to discover out how he fuels his body and mind.

For the Grammy Award-winning rap artist, keeping a healthy diet plan’s an obstacle. An even harder obstacle: veggies. “If I’m being truthful, a great deal of individuals consume greens regularly, I’m not that man,” he stated. “I choose a healthy smoothie with some greens in it. My variation of healthy appear like Click here healthy smoothies

, acai bowls, water, vitamins, extending. It’s a holistic thing. No junk foods. No sodas. There’s something about consuming tidy, consuming pure … It simply provides you that additional increase.”

But getting his diet plan to where it is now stays an operate in development; the rap artist still has a soft area for junk food by means of McDonald’s Dollar Menu. “I do not like to do it extremely typically,” he stated. “We’re attempting to safeguard the temple, keep an eye out for the moneymaker.”

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When he’s not hectic touring, he attempts to squeeze in a great exercise every day, normally some abs and push-ups. His preferred exercise, however, you may not anticipate: golf. “ simply enjoy the obstacle, the psychological workout that it is, the spiritual workout, the perseverance, the approval, the procedure of playing the video game,” he stated. The rap artist even has his own golf clothes line, . The one location you most likely

will not

discover the rap artist? The squat rack. “Anytime it’s leg time, I’m like,

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please god no(*)”(*) We hear you on that, Macklemore.(*)
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