Real estate: the changes that will impact tenants and owners this year

modified: 2023-01-21 21:02:02

This year, in terms of real estate, several changes will affect the portfolio of owners as well as tenants.

  Real estate: the changes that will impact tenants and owners this year

Depending on the evolution of society and the economic and social situation of a country, the law evolves. Every new year is accompanied by rules and measures that impact social and economic life . In the field of real estate, many changes are taking place. will affect homeowners , tenants and lessors.

These novelties increase or decrease income and expenses of these real estate players. Among these changes, there is the abolition of the housing tax, the increase in the property tax and the ban on the rental of thermal colanders. More details later in this article.

Real estate: rental ban for excessively energy-intensive accommodation

Given the current energy inflation, since January 1, 2023, the government prohibits the rental of thermal colanders . In real estate, a home is a thermal sieve when the insulation is very poor, which leads to high energy costs . How to recognize it?

To find out if your accommodation is a thermal strainer , calculating its energy consumption. The only limit not to exceed is 450 kWh per m² per year. The houses concerned are accommodation classified G, F and E . Reported by the Money-Vox site published on January 20, 2023:

'According to the National Observatory for Energy Renovation (ONRE), 140,000 properties would be affected for this year 2023 alone'.

What can be done with these accommodations? To be able to rent them, the only solution is to renovate them so that they consume less energy . Check your eligibility for the exceptional energy check, which is a check that you could use for this type of renovation .

Repeal of housing tax on main residences

After the abolition of the TV license fee in 2022, this year, it is the payment of housing tax on principal residences which is canceled . This deletion is the end of a long story. During Emmanuel Macron's first five-year term, this measure was enacted in the real estate reform of 2018. It was only this year that the measure is effective .

All households that are owner-occupiers or tenants of their main residence, regardless of their level of income, no longer has to pay council tax . In revenge, selon Money-Vox

“3.5 million second homes are still subject to this tax”.

Real estate: increase of at least 7.1% in property tax

For ordinary citizens, the abolition of housing tax on the main residence is good news . This helps to reduce their load. However, for communities, this reduces their income resources . How to fill the gap?

Since it's a real estate business, it is in real estate that we must fill the void . Thus, several local authorities plan to increase the property tax . The Money-Vox news site published on January 20, 2023 gave an example.

“The town hall of Grenoble, for example, announced an increase of between 15 and 25% over the year 2023”.

Even without the disappearance of the housing tax, property tax was set to increase this year . Given the increase in the cadastral rental value, the property tax had to be increased by at least 7.1%. Remember that the cadastral rental value serves as a reference for the calculation of the property tax .

Extension of the rent shield

Given the drastic decline in purchasing power over the past year, the government implemented a rent shield . Since July 2022, this shield has limited the increase in rent to 3.5%. Good news for renters of apartments or houses, because this shield applies until June 2023 .

This limitation is a real advantage, since unlike the other shield like the energy one which is at 15%, this one is very low. According to statistics from INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies), inflation in December 2022 was 5.9% year on year . Thus, the rent shield limits rent increase prices below inflation.

For landlord tenants, this is not very good news . However, rents in cities where the rental property market is particularly tight are not affected by this shield . They are subject to the rent control measure .

There you have it, this list of changes concerning real estate for 2023 is not exhaustive . There is still the tax reduction offered by the Pinel law and many others.

Source : Boursorama