Reminder Conso: do not consume this rice pudding sold throughout France

modified: 2022-12-20 22:52:03

A labeling error prompted Rappel Conso to launch a product recall on Bonne Maman brand rice pudding.

  Reminder Conso: do not consume this rice pudding sold throughout France

Do you like desserts? Maybe you like sweet more than salty. In these cases, you are probably familiar with the Bonne Maman brand. This great brand probably reminds you of your childhood. Among the desserts offered by this brand, we find rice pudding. However, the government site Rappel Conso recently issued an alert on this subject. Reminder Conso aims to list all the products, food or not, that should not be used or consumed . And this, whether for labeling problems, the presence of foreign bodies or contamination. If you have recently purchased these rice puddings, do not consume them . Indeed, the product has undergone a labeling error which means that it contains allergenic ingredients that do not appear to be declared. We'll explaine everything here !

The government site: Rappel Conso

You are probably familiar with the Rappel Conso site. A site that allows the government to list all products that are dangerous for consumption or use . You should know that in France, there are strict regulations on products that end up on the shelves of our favorite supermarkets. Whether it is a cosmetic, food or even hygienic product. You have to pay attention to the label, the expiry date, but also to what it contains. As a result, when a product does not meet the country's standards, it is therefore subject to a product recall. When the Conso Reminder site raise an alert on a product, it should therefore not be consumed . You always have the option of bring it back to the point of sale for a refund.

This government site allows the French to follow the various products that could cause problems. Indeed, it lists the majority of the finished products which are on the shelves but which do not follow the country's standards. The products are reserved for customers and consumers. However, they pose health risks. So, remember to visit the site from time to time. And this, in order to check your fridge to find out if you have purchased any of the products mentioned. Recently this site launched a new alert. We tell you all about it.

Consumer recall: a new product recall

The government site Rappel Conso recently launched a new alert on a product that is on the shelves of many supermarkets in the territory. Bonne Maman rice pudding , « Vanilla Bourbon rice pudding 8 x 100 gr including 2 pots offered », is therefore concerned. Sold by the French brands Casino and Système U, as well as the wholesalers Provera and Galec, it is important not to consume these rice puddings. Consumption of this product contains health risks . This is due to a labeling error.

The products affected by this product recall carry the barcode 3608580966111 . Note that the use-by date (DLC) of this product is January 8, 2023. This information will allow you to know if you have the product recalled by Rappel Conso. The Bonne Maman rice pudding was put on sale between 08/12/2022 and 16/12/2022. Check your fridges to find out if you have the recalled product. Don't forget that it is the subject of a product recall due to labeling error.

The reason for this recall

The reason for this new product recall: a labeling error. Indeed, the government site Rappel Conso has launched a recall due to missing important information on the packaging . According to the site, there are allergenic ingredients missing from the packaging. It would contain undeclared allergenic substances. In particular milk semolina, and therefore glutens and eggs. So be aware that if you purchased this product, these important details are missing on the packaging. An error that can cause many allergies . So, pay close attention to this product recall.

For consumers who may be intolerant to one of the products mentioned, consumption could pose a health hazard. If you have this rice pudding at home, Reminder Conso recommends that you do not consume it . You can call Bonne Maman consumer service on 05 65 10 66 11 to get more information. Additionally, you can perform a return in store until January 8, 2023. And to get a refund.

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