Renaud: his daughter Lolita Séchan worries with this enigmatic message for the new year

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On January 3, 2023, on the occasion of the new year, Renaud's daughter confided in Instagram for a long time. The details.

  Renaud: his daughter Lolita Séchan worries with this enigmatic message for the new year

Many personalities spoke to their fans s in the new year. Lolita Séchan, Renaud's daughter, was part of this circle. Indeed, on January 3, 2023, she took over her Instagram account to describe the pain she is going through . A message that particularly worried internet users. Find out what she shared.

Who is Lola, Renaud's daughter?

On August 9, 1980, Renaud becomes a father for the first time . His wife at the time, Dominique Duilichini, gives birth to a daughter named Lolita. This last inspired some of the 70-year-old singer's biggest hits , including “Morgane de toi” (1983) and “Mistral Gagnant” (1985).

And if these pieces have not aged, the one who was a little girl at the time has grown up! Now 42 years old, Renaud's daughter specializes in writing children's books and comics. We also know her for the love story she had with a famous singer: Renan Luce!

Indeed, the two lovebirds got married in July 2009 and became parents two years later to a daughter named Héloïse. Alas, this beautiful story has not stood the test of time and in 2016 , they separated.

For the well-being of their daughter, Renaud's daughter and her former companion have, however, maintained good relations , as the interpreter of “The Letter” recently confided in the columns of Liberation:

“It was a great story. I try today to cling to this idea that we have lived and that we are still living a beautiful story even if, today, we are still living it but in another way. »

Very close to his father

It is certain that in the face of this painful breakup, Lolita Séchan was able to benefit from the support of his father . She who is very close to this one. Discreet on social networks, the young woman does not hesitate to share the photos of his escapades with the singer .

In October 2022, Renaud's daughter shared photos on his Instagram account . To see the pictures, she went to her father. Internet users were also able to see that Renaud collected a plethora of objects from the world of Tintin, Hergé's comic strip.

'A herbal tea at Papou's,' she captioned.

Renaud's daughter, at worst

If this October 03, 2022, Lolita Séchan posted photos showing that she is with her father, January 03, 2023 is another message she sent . Indeed, at the start of 2023, she revealed to her fans her state of mind and in view of what she wrote, the mother of the family is at its worst .

“To be a nit, a painful body, a mind made of waves; choose a slow, laborious profession, which hurts the back, hands, neck, eyes; to be a girl who doubts, who grows then loses weight, smokes then quits then cracks, separates then sticks together then re-breaks then recreates, ”she first wrote.

The young woman said that she was in the middle of a midlife crisis . Renaud's daughter wanted to explain:

“No longer wanting to spread anything on a network, it borders on indecency far too often. Repeating to myself, daily, that I don't want to be that person who, in one way or another, with what I show of my life here – while it is complex and far from being always luminous – you causes frustration, jealousy or sadness. As I feel myself so often on these platforms. »

See this post on Instagram

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' Stay as you are… '

To complete his message, the one who had been affected by Covid-19 , added:

'Repeating to myself that it's not left to give rise to these feelings in the other. Be summed up in a cliche. Look into the clichés of the past to understand the childhood of others. Capture shards of life. Understand. And recreate. Here is. »

She said:

“Pieces of me diffracted like these scattered photos. 2022, 2023, it remains a long continuity of ourselves. I kiss you hoping as little as possible to make you feel sad. »

Faced with his story, netizens are concerned . Thus, many have commented, sharing kind messages to Renaud's daughter .

'Stay as you are... You are perfect, you say what many think, but dare not say or write...', 'Superb words that tell the truth of the heaviness of our 'magnificent lives'. Thanks ! “, can we read.

Following these messages, Lolita Séchan thanked netizens and proposed to set up a yoga class, in order to 'surely reverse the karma of the current society' .

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