Rents: The Ministry of Housing unveils a map of rents per m2

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According to ANIL estimates, rents for a property in France are between 8.20 and 9.38 euros per m2 per month. The point in the article.

  Rents: The Ministry of Housing unveils a map of rents per m2

In France, the rents of a house and an apartment are respectively 8.20 euros per m2 and 9.38 euros on average per month. This is what the estimates of the National Agency for Housing Information (ANIL) say. Apartments for rent the most expensive would be located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris . Their prices would be above 33 euros per square meter.

A map showing the prices per m2 of different categories of goods

A collaboration took place between the Minister for the Ecological Transition , the National Housing Information Agency and the SeLoger and Leboncoin groups. This cooperation made possible the publication of a rent map from all over France.

'Knowledge of rents contributes to the proper functioning of the private rental market and represents a major challenge in the conduct of national and local housing policies', explains the government.

This card presents the prices per m2 of different categories of goods . Namely a one or two room apartment, three or more room apartment and detached house. The indicators presented there use advertised rents. These are expressed, charges included, for properties for rent in the third quarter of 2022 .

An average of 9.4 euros for an apartment

In France, the rent per month is 8.2 euros on average per m2 for a house. Whereas for an apartment, it is 9.4 euros on average. The most expensive apartments are located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris and Levallois-Perret .

For those of Neuilly-sur-Seine, the rent is 29.4 euros per m2 . Those of Paris and Levallois-Perret are respectively 28.3 euros and 27.1 euros per m2. However, the rent drops to 5 euros per m2 in many rural municipalities .

For houses, rents range from 28.4 euros per m2 at 5.2 euros s. In the same municipality, depending on the property, the price will also vary .

Take Lyon as an example. The low, we rent a house at 14 euros per m2 . While an apartment with 3 rooms and more reaches 14.2 euros per m2. A one or two-room apartment can be rented there at 17.4 euros per m2.

Rent control

Do you know that the government has put in place a system to limit increases in rents in municipalities with high rental demand? It's about rent control.

In some large cities, there is a significant imbalance between the supply of available housing and demand. The latter being significantly higher than the offer. This situation of housing shortage can lead to steep rent increases . This also leads to serious difficulties in accessing housing for the population.

The rationale for rent control on re-letting is therefore to limit the increase in rents during a re-letting or lease renewal.

28 agglomerations concerned

Rent control on re-letting affects 28 agglomerations located in so-called tense areas (Abis, A and B1). These areas are characterized by high rental prices and a shortage of property. Since 2012, the year of its implementation, this system is renewed every year .

In all these tense areas, the management concerns empty or furnished rental properties . Except if:

  • This is a first rental
  • The property has been unoccupied for more than 18 months
  • The owner has carried out major renovations to an amount greater than one year's rent .

Sanctions in the event of non-compliance with the rent control

When you rent a property in a municipality practicing rent control, you can't raise the rent as you see fit . The increase during a lease renewal or relocation cannot exceed that of the IRL over 12 months.

At most, this increase corresponds to the increase in prices that INSSE observes. When relocating, it is necessary to enter the amount of the old rent in the rental lease. Thus, the new tenant can check if he has not been the subject of an abusive increase.

In case there is an undervaluation of your rent, you can propose a re-evaluation . To do this, you must take as a reference six rents of properties similar to yours, in the same district. It is necessary the tenant's agreement for the revaluation .

The Elan law of 2018 defines the penalties in the event of non-compliance with the rent control. A decree of May 2019 specifies these sanctions. The prefect can encourage you to regularize your lease contract within two months and refund overpaid rent.

In case of non-respect, you incur fines of 5,000 euros . 15,000 euros if the lessor is a legal entity.

Source : Lefigar