Retirement: depending on your year of birth, at what age will you be able to claim a full rate?

modified: 2023-01-12 17:54:02

Since the government presented its reform, everyone has been worried. At what age will you retire?

  Retirement: depending on your year of birth, at what age will you be able to claim a full rate?

Throwing a new pension reform , the government accelerated the effects of the Touraine reform, passed in 2014. Result? The legal retirement age will decline to reach 64 years from 2027. In addition, the number of quarters required to receive a full pension should gradually increase to 172. Of course, these changes provide for many special cases and exceptions. And they won't have not the same impact on all French people . Your rights depend on your professional background, but also on your year of birth . To know when you can request your departure in retirement, here is a little summary.

Retirement: the age will gradually decline

The reform will have effects on the duration of contributions n, for all persons born in 1961 or later. Thus, the decline of the legal retirement age will be lowered by one quarter per year , for generations born between 1961 and 1968. To obtain a full-time pension, you will also have to contribute longer depending on your year of birth . For example :

  • People born between January and September 1961 must complete 168 quarters to a full pension . They can leave as soon as they reach the age of 62.
  • Those born in 1964 will be able to retire at age 63 . To receive a full-rate pension, they will have to justify 171 quarters of contributions.
  • People born in 1968 will have to reach 64 to retire. And they must have contributed 172 quarters to get their full pension.

In all cases, the reduction applicable to your pension will end after your 67th birthday. So you won't need to postpone your retirement past this age.

The exceptions that will survive the reform

Emmanuel Macron wanted this pension reform to put an end to the special diets x. If the retirement age is going to be pushed back , special cases still have a bright future ahead of them. SNCF agents are no longer entitled to special treatment. However, the agents of the Paris Opera, the Comédie Française and the sailors-fishermen will keep their special diet.

Another exception to the increase in the legal retirement age ? People who have had long careers. Thereby, if you have worked since you were 14 , you can stop when you turn 58. If your career started when you were 16, you can retire when you turn 60. At last, if you started working between the ages of 18 and 20 , you can end your career at the age of 62 .

Nevertheless, to qualify for this device , reserved for long careers, there are criteria to be met. Also, you will have to prove at least 4 quarters contributed before the age of 20 . If you still have trouble assessing your situation, do not hesitate to use the Ministry of Labor simulator. Posted on January 10, this tool must help the French to anticipate their retirement.

Source : Aveyron Press Center