Retirement: how to increase your number of contribution quarters?

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These days, the reform will change the amount of quarters needed for a full pension.

  Retirement: how to increase your number of contribution quarters?

In France , the system allows workers to retire well deserved after practicing for a lifetime. But to benefit from a full pension , you must have accumulated a certain number of terms. These rules already existed before. But after the reform, the duration of contributions will increase to 172 quarters , or 43 years. Of course, this implies having carried out a professional activity throughout his life. However, there are other ways to validate quarters . Here are the situations which give rise to an increase in your contributions.

Retirement: the rules will change quickly

Previously, the Touraine reform provided for increase the contribution period to 172 quarters from 2035. But with the new government reform, this extension will come into effect from 2027. In summary, the changes already planned for our retirement , will arrive earlier.

Working 43 years will allow unlock a full pension . However, not everyone has the same professional career. Some go into active life from 16 or 18 years old . On the other hand, others first study for a long time. Thus, they only work at full rate from the age of 21 or 22. In these conditions , the 172 quarters, require to only retire only after 64 or 65 .

And very often, the vagaries of life can lead us to reduce or cease our professional activity . Children, disability, illness… many situations have an impact on our careers. Nevertheless, they also represent an opportunity to validate quarters for our retirement.

Valuing the experiences of young people

Before making their real entry into active life, high school and university students have already activities that matter to their future . If you have studied, you can declare your internships . They give rise to the ‘acquisition of supplementary quarters . Same thing, if you have chosen a sandwich course. In that case, apprenticeship work may count towards your pension rights .

Finally, students know it well: sometimes you have to tighten your belt to financer are cursus . Of course, there is help from the CROUS or the CAF. But very often, the most modest have to combine studies and work . These may be seasonal jobs. They allow young people to make money in the summer or school holidays. In other cases, it is a part-time student job. Giving support lessons babysit or do after-school service … All these professional activities can also allow you to contribute to your retirement .

Unemployment and retirement

Often painful and involuntary, job Research can also allow you to validate quarters. Especially if you have received unemployment benefits. The public service website be very clear on the subject. “Periods of compensated unemployment are taken into account by the Social Security Pension Insurance in the calculation of your pension insurance period. »

To know if you are one of the eligible persons , here is the list of allowances that allow you to accumulate quarters:

  • Special allowance from the National Employment Fund (AS-FNE)
  • Allowance for the elderly unemployed (Aca)
  • Allowance paid as part of a redeployment leave or a redeployment unit Return-to-work assistance allowance (ARE)
  • Solidarity allowance paid by unemployment insurance – ASS, AER
  • Conversion allowance as part of conversion leave
  • Professional security allowance (ASP)

These periods allow you to obtain one quarter for 50 days of unemployment . Also, your pension rights take also account for small passages empty that can cross your career.

Caring for loved ones

In fact, in addition to work , parenthood can also be a great opportunity to validate trimesters . Of course, it all depends on how many children you have had. But also the duration of your various parental leaves. When a child suffers from an illness or disability, stay-at-home parent to take care of him also has rights. He can then accumulate quarters with the AVPF, for his retirement.

Moreover, if your child has a disability , you can get an increase of 8 quarters. And if you put your career aside to help a loved one become addicted, you can also value these periods . The pension insurance gave many details about this situation. » One of the most frequent cases is assistance to ascendants: you have aging parents, who may be geographically distant from you, and whose autonomy or state of health becomes worrying and requires special attention. . For example, they encounter daily difficulties (housework, administrative procedures, health monitoring, etc.), are socially isolated, their mobility is reduced, they are going to be hospitalized or receive necessary care at home. »

Health and retirement

To carry out a career , it is better to stay in shape. That said, an illness or incident will always occur. If you had to stop working, following sick leave , you have not contributed over these periods. Nevertheless, you can still make quarters out of it, according to pension insurance . » When you cease your activity due to illness, accident at work or occupational disease, you do not contribute to your pension. However, a quarter without pay is reported on your career statement every 60 days of compensation by your primary health insurance fund (Cpam). These terms are limited to 4 per calendar year. »

In addition, some people may also find themselves in 66% permanent disability or more, your pension allows you to accumulate quarters. Here again, pension insurance remains very clear. » During periods of disability, you do not contribute to your pension. However, if you are insured, this period can allow you to validate quarters for retirement. A quarter is validated for each calendar quarter which includes 3 monthly payments of the disability pension. Before October 1, 1986, a quarter is validated for each calendar quarter which includes the payment of the invalidity pension. »

For earn more quarters before retirement , be aware that military service or public utility work also counts. You can also buy back quarters , but they are still very expensive. Finally, if you have no other choice, you can always continue to work… longer .

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