Retirement info: here's how to estimate your retirement age and the amount of your pension

modified: 2023-01-12 11:57:02

To better understand what awaits you following the reform, the Retirement Info site offers a very practical simulator.

  Retirement info: here's how to estimate your retirement age and the amount of your pension

Pension reform presented last Tuesday finally allowed everyone to discover the changes that await us. Lowering of the legal age, contribution period set at 43 years … Some French people cringe. On the side of the unions and the elected representatives of the opposition, the rumble also gained momentum . However, the system of pensions obtained end of career remains quite complex. And this reform can strengthen the confusion south I held him . To know when you can stop working, and how much you can earn, a solution exists. So the site Retirement info offers you a simulator to estimate your rights .

Retirement info: how to get an estimate?

By going to the dedicated site, you will need to start by logging into your personal account. To do this, you have several options. So you can use your France Connect credentials: Ameli or Impôts.gouv. Note that your La Poste accesses also work to access your Info Retraite account.

Then you can access the simulator of your pension rights in two ways . In any case, you will have to indicate your data (salary, family situation) upon login to the account.

  • Pass by the section 'My retirement estimate' (at the top of the home page), then select 'Go to Simulator'.
  • You can also start by filling in your personal information. You can then find a button that will take you to the Info Retraite simulator .

The information you will have provided remain personal, and will not be transferred, even to administrations. Besides, Info Retraite estimate is based solely on the data you have declared, and their accuracy.

Decipher the estimation results

In front of a complex system , the simulator cannot answer all questions in one line. On the other hand, Info Retraite offers you a rather synthetic table . Thus, you can discover the amount of your future pension . And this, according to the age at which you wish to stop, and the number of quarters you have contributed . Indeed, these two elements are of fundamental importance.

In fact, your rights and obligations change, depending on your year of birth. The legal retirement age will gradually change. And the year in which you were born determines the number of terms required to have a full pension .

Info Retraite allows you to explore several possibilities. It allows you to find out how much you will earn by stopping your career at 62 (legal age). In this case, you may be entitled to a reduced pension (discount) . Especially if you have not reached the required number of terms.

Then, the simulator tells you the amount of your pension, for the age at which you wish to leave. Then, he then informs you about your rights, in the event of retirement at age 67 . Indeed, this is the age of automatic full-time.

Finally, the estimates of Info Retraite also allow you to calculate the amount of your 'enhanced' pension . In fact, if you work after age 67, you can increase your retirement level over time (surcharge). So, if you plan to stay in shape for a long time, you will be able to know, from today, the income that will await you in your old age .

Source : The voice of the North