Retirement pension: this new service could bring you a small fortune!

modified: 2022-10-01 02:23:25

Soon, the CNAV will update a new tool which will contribute to the improvement of the processing of the pensions of the retirees.


While there is a strong fight for the regularization of pension rights, the CNAV is particularly keen to digitize all forms. This implies that there will be fewer errors and omissions than before. Treatments that penalized retirees when in fact they are flaws in the system . Soon, all these errors will be corrected thanks to the development of a powerful tool accessible to all.

Retirement: A big loss recorded by the Court of Auditors

Recently the Court of Auditors wanted to clarify a situation with the National Old Age Insurance Fund (CNAV). The reason why, we could see a big loss of just over 70 million euros in their coffers. This anomaly, which generates many penalties to retirees.

Clearly, these calculation errors had a serious impact on the beneficiaries of the retirement pension. According to the explanations, it is above all the system and the work tools that were lacking. To remedy this, the CNAV has decided to set up a new tool that will live up to their expectations . That is to say less loss of information and more precision.

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The service will be this time, a fully online service . The platform will manage all information concerning retirees. A site with which they can add documents or other information during their career.

The site will be manageable, it will be easier to complete or modify the information already registered. In addition, the new updates or the evolution of the regularization will be consultable directly on the site.

Availability of this new tool

The CNAV considers that the new tool for treatment of the retirement will be for the beginning of the year 2023. Complete my career will be the name of the site. Easy to use and accessible to everyone , the platform will reduce the errors and anomalies that we have seen so far.

According to Renaud Villard, the tool computer science is already ready and just waiting for the kick-off. Only to allow verification and in the meantime full control of its operation. We will have to proceed with a small step for the beginning.

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For the first wave then, it is necessary to count 100,000 to 200,000 insured first. And then we proceed to an increase for the large mass. The director of the CNAV also specified that it would take a little time for the IT specialists to properly to master the tool.

In addition, it is also necessary to identify any anomalies in the system and provide solutions. This is for the sole purpose of further avoiding errors when processing pensions.

Retirement: A promising tool for beneficiaries

Complete my career , such is the name of the site. L it is beneficiaries of the retirement pension can now follow the evolution of the regularization of the retirement.

With this site, it becomes easier to manage all the files, to update the information. But above all to correct any errors as before.

Since the tool is completely in line, retirees will no longer have to travel to institutions to be able to prepare for their retirement. All the necessary information will have to be filled in online and the processing will be done immediately.

It is to be remembered that Complete my career will be operational from the first quarter of next year . So, the elderly must prepare for the use of this new device which will be to their advantage.