Retirement pension: towards a minimum of 1200 euros for all?

modified: 2023-01-10 22:01:02

Elisabeth Borne will present the pension reform project. She will highlight a retirement pension of 1,200 euros for all.

  Retirement pension: towards a minimum of 1200 euros for all?

Pension reform is a sensitive subject that everyone is waiting for. This Tuesday, January 10 at 5:30 p.m., Elisabeth Borne will finally present the project to the general public . That said, the government has already unveiled some leads on the subject. Among these, figure the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64 and of the retirement pension minimal at 1,200 euros . What does this mean exactly? We take stock of the pension reform project.

Emmanuel Macron's promise on retirement pensions before his re-election

This Tuesday, January 3, Elisabeth Borne had already given clues about retirement pensions after the implementation of the reform. That day, on Franceinfo, she said that only newcomers to the regime were going to take advantage of a minimum retirement pension of 1,200 euros .

“My priority is that it is the active people who will have to work a little longer who benefit from this revaluation”, she justified.

She announced that a debate would be held in the National Assembly and to the Senate to discuss it. But she said that only the latter should benefit from the 'minimum pension at 85% of the SMIC' .

This decision would thus exclude nearly 6 million retirees. However, before the re-election of Emmanuel Macron on April 13, 2022, the latter specified that the reform would affect the “new retirees like those who are already retired” .

A minimum retirement pension of 1,200 euros

Now the government wants to grant a retirement pension of 1,200 euros at least for all retirees as soon as the reform is implemented. These measures just won't concern new retirees .

The government had to make compromises to reject the use of 49.3 or the deadlock among deputies. A sudden change. Indeed, the Prime Minister's talks with Éric Ciotti, the new president of the Republicans as well as the social partners, have changed everything .

On the subject of the upcoming reform, the Member of Parliament for Alpes-Maritimes, spoke of his determination to 'vote a just reform' , including a retirement pension of at least 1,200 euros. According to him, the measure “must apply retroactively to current retirees who benefit from the lowest pensions . This will be one of the conditions of our vote: we want the situation of retirees, future or current, to be considerably improved”.

For the time being, in France, approximately two million retirees receive a retirement pension of less than 1,000 euros gross every month. Many of them are farmers, artisans, women and self-employed.

The executive had anticipated an expenditure of 1 billion euros for an , at the end of the device. But the inclusion of current retirees in this calculation changed everything. After this questioning, the measure on retirement pensions should now cost triple the budget envisaged .

A legal retirement age reassessed at 64

The designation of the legal retirement age spilled a lot of ink , when the pension reform was announced. The executive had planned to raise this age to 65 , compared to 62 at present.

This measure therefore includes a 4-month increase in contributions per year because the measure would be progressive. But during the presentation of the pension reform project, Elisabeth Borne, announced a different legal retirement age. Instead of fixing this detail at 65 years old, this one indicated 64 years old .

In 2027, the legal retirement age will be agreed at age 63 , for employees born in 1964. The generation of employees born in 1968, meanwhile, will be the first to retire at age 64. According to the Opinion, the contribution period is now estimated at 3 months per year , instead of the planned 4 months.

That said, the age of the automatic full rate at 67, won't change . But civil servants will also be able to participate in progressive retirement.

Source : Tf1info