Retirement: the official simulator lets you know the amount of your pension and the retirement age

modified: 2023-02-02 14:11:02

When can I retire and with what amount? To answer these questions, an official simulator is put online.

  Retirement: the official simulator lets you know the amount of your pension and the retirement age

Long before the pension reform , calculate the amount of his pension and estimate the retirement age is a real obstacle course . To do the calculation, many elements must be taken into account. According to the rules, the amount is calculated on the basis of your best 25 years of activity . Moreover, the amount of the pension depends on your contribution quarters and the age at which you started working. To make it easier for you, the website, offers you an official simulation . How does it work? Is it reliable? We answer you in this article.

Informative letters from 35 years old

Many are the questions that make the future senior doubt . The Yahoo! Finance, published on February 1, 2023, listed a few:

“At what age could I leave without a discount? How many quarters do I still have to contribute? And what pension can I expect? »

It is true that answering these questions is sometimes very difficult . However, it is essential to know them. Aware of this, the French government is not standing idly by. Indeed, French citizens who in the past 35 years are informed of their contribution quarters by email .

Even better, this career statement is sent periodically. Every 5 years, from this age, the French receive a letter telling them the number of quarters they have already contributed . Knowing that you have to contribute 43 years to leave with a full pension , it is easy to calculate the remainder.

Even below this age, you can know your assessed quarters and more . To do this, you must use the official Info-retraite simulator.

How does the official Info-retraite situation work?

Before any operation, make sure that your connection is secure. To be sure to arrive on the official simulator, refer to the following website :

  • France Connect,
  • the post

You can also rely on the 'My retirement account' application. Once you have entered the official Info-retraite simulator, here are a few steps to follow :

  • 1st steps: On the home page, click on “My retirement estimate”,
  • 2nd step: Press on “Access the simulator”
  • 3rd step: Click on “my estimate”,
  • 4 th steps: Access “simulate my retirement”.

Once all these steps have been completed, you will see a pre-filled page appear . These data were transmitted by the pension organizations. However, if you see incorrect or empty information, you can edit it. Once you have clicked on 'Validate', you will see the amount of your future pension according to your age of retirement.

Retirement simulator: a customizable simulation

Already the data pre-established by the pension organizations, you can modify them at will . Thanks to this, you can estimate how much you have already contributed, at what age you will be able to receive a full pension and how much it will cost. Even better, you can modify everything with the option 'Customize my estimate' .

By clicking on the “My future situation” tab, you are able to test different scenarios future career and personal life. In the Yahoo! Finance, it is stated that you can change the following situations :

  • child numbers,
  • A period of unemployment
  • The creation of a business,
  • periods spent abroad,
  • Entry into the civil service

Once its information has been modified, by clicking on validate, you will see what these scenarios may change on your future retirement . Thus, we can tell you that this situation is reliable, because the results depend on the data that you have filled in yourself.

A new simulator specially for the pension reform

Even if you can modify several pieces of information on the Info-retraite simulator at will. Note that the calculation modes are based on the rules currently in force . Even if the pension reform is still being debated, an official simulator is already available. This new simulator tells you if you are affected by the reform or not .

More specifically, it indicates whether the new statutory retirement age of 64 applies to you or not. For your information, the effective retirement age is 62 .

Here, even if calculating your pension is difficult, with the help of the government and an official simulator, it is more affordable. With regard to the pension reform, we have to wait for the end of the debates to find out what the new changes are . In any case, the demonstrators against the reform say they are sure of their victory. According to an article in Le Monde, published on February 1, 2023:

'The number of demonstrators against the pension reform exceeds the record of 2010'.

Source : Yahoo