Revaluation of 50% of the family support allowance: discover the French people concerned!

modified: 2022-09-13 17:07:02

The government has increased the amount of the family support allowance. Who will be the beneficiaries?


Noting the difficulties faced by children from single-parent families, the government made a decision. To help them, an increase in the family support allowance will be applied. Here's what you need to do to qualify.

Allowance: Assistance for single-parent families

It is a measure that concerns families single parent that the government has taken lately. Apparently, the state has decided to increase by fifty% family support allowance.

And that will take effect in the next few months. This help turns out to be significant when you see the INSEE report in 2018. According to it, 41% of minor children in family single parents are below the poverty line.

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Thus, more than 800,000 people will receive the family support allowance with an increase of 50%. This will be applied from November 2022.

However, the site has clearly explained the list of people who will be able to claim this aid. Obviously, starting from those who raise a child who is no longer cared for by one or both parents.

Who are the beneficiaries of aid?

According to the website, here are the beneficiaries family support allowance. There is the father or the mother who lives alone with least one dependent child . To this is added the one who raises a child who is no longer helped by one or both of his parents.

Apparently, the situation is still different depending on whether you live alone and have at least one child. What the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) also wanted to clarify.

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What you need to know are the following scenarios if you live alone with your child. You will be entitled to the allowance if the other parent is dead or refuses to recognize your child. With this, the case where there is no pension eating fixed by the other parent. Or if the latter can no longer pay the pension.

And even when the pension is paid, but for an amount less than €122.93 . This also applies when child support is not paid or only partially paid by the other parent.

Allowance: Your alimony is below 122.93 euros?

It should be noted that the family support allowance is no longer paid from the month of the child's twentieth birthday. And that it also stops when the parents have decided to resume their life together. Obviously, you will no longer be entitled to this assistance when the child is no longer under your care. responsibility . More importantly, we must start legal proceedings application for alimony in order to benefit from it.

As a reminder, the beneficiaries of this allowance hitherto received 122.92 euros per month. With the 50% increase, this amount will rise to 184.38 euros per child in charge. Which makes 61.46 euros difference. Note that if you receive child support below €122.93 , you will be entitled to an ASF differential . Thus, the CAF or the MSA will pay a supplement to reach 122.93 euros.