Revaluation of pensions: find out who are the losers and the big winners!

modified: 2022-09-26 15:50:07

True to his promises, President Emmanuel Macron and his entire team have finally implemented the pension increase.


The President of the Republic evoked during his propaganda, the revalorization of the retirement. One of the projects he wanted to complete as soon as possible. From now on, the beneficiaries of the retirement perceive an increase in their pensions. However, you should know that there are always winners and losers in this kind of device.

Retirement on the rise, it makes people happy!

As with all campaign promises, Emmanuel Macron wanted things to go as well as possible. And, this time, it gives retired French people the opportunity to take advantage of the revaluation of their retirement.

However, the value of the increase will not be the same for each sector . There are those who will earn a little more than the others. It will depend on their position when they were still employees.

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For information, on Friday September 9, 2022, the first installments were realized. This transfer is the one due for the month of August 2022. In addition to this revaluation, the beneficiaries also received their due for the month of July 2022. A well caught up accumulation! Indeed, the steps leading to this increase took time.

The increase is therefore around a hundred euros. A sum that could very well contribute to improving their daily lives.

Who are the beneficiaries ?

The revaluation of the pension is not data to everybody. Of course, all retirees need consideration, but this increase particularly affects retirement pensions from the main scheme .

The amount is determined in relation to a calculation basis on inflation. Affected pensioners can be happy. Thanks to this, they will have at least one advantage, in relation to their needs.

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The employees of former executives will receive a 2% raise . While on the side of non-executive employees, the increase will be 2.8% . This means that retirees who held non-executive positions will have more consideration compared to former assets who were executives.

Former assets, whether executives or not, receive an increase in relation to their retirement, recalling that the calculation is determined on the basis of l’inflation .

The revaluation of the retirement of the big winners

The former officials will be the big winners in history . Not only have they already benefited from a mechanical increase in pensions in January. But they will also be affected by this increase. And they still have others allocations complementary, in particular the dues of their contributions during their functions. Indeed, for them, it will be a second increase which will have a value of 3.8% . A consideration far removed from other people who have worked in the private sector.

And for the pleasure of all former assets without exception, a third will still be planned . A project that will be further studied with Parliament. A project of law which will no doubt make people happy. The sum is not yet known, but what is certain is that this third revaluation will be applicable for the month of January 2023.