Rice: how to properly dose the quantities to avoid waste

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Rice is one of the most consumed cereals on the planet. But how much to plan for one person?

  Rice: how to properly dose the quantities in order to'éviter le gaspillage

In many countries, there are people who practice rice cultivation . In Asia, rice is also one of the essential elements in many recipes. Thus, the Japanese use it to achieve sushi or onigri . In India, it is served with spices. And in China, it is also among the essential ingredients in many preparations. This cereal exists in different varieties. But a question very often comes up about it. How to dose the rice? Here is a tip to avoid having too much or too little when cooking.

How much to plan for rice as an accompaniment?

According to many nutritionists, the ideal plate must combine 3 elements:

  • Half of vegetables .
  • A quarter of carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, etc.)
  • A quarter of protein (animal or vegetable)

But, with its very low glycemic index , and its delicious taste, rice is a great side dish option. In this case, you must provide enough to fill 25% of your plate. Knowing that this cereal swells with cooking , it is often difficult to assess the quantity necessary to prepare a satisfying dish.

According to nutrition experts, you need about 70 g of raw rice per person . For an accurate dosage, the easiest way is to use a scale. However, there is another much simpler method. To do this, all you need is a a mustard glass . And fill it halfway. This amount is enough for one person. As well, if you are cooking for 2 people , you can fill it to the brim.

Consider the dish you are preparing

This weight of rice corresponds to a simple accompaniment. Nevertheless, in certain dishes such as paella or rice salad , the recipe contains many other ingredients. In this case, lower the dose to 30 g. On the contrary, if you want to embark on a specialty where rice occupies a central place ( like fried rice ), you can count 80 g per person.

Then, if despite all these tips, you end up with too much cooked rice , do not panic. There are simple tricks to avoid wasting it. Mixed with beaten eggs, it can give u a very original omelet recipe . This cereal can also work wonders in pancakes or gratins.

But another very judicious method has recently met with great success on the web. The concept ? Use leftover cooked rice to make delicious pie crust crispy. So, all you have to do is add grated cheese or Parmesan, with egg whites and the spices of your choice. Pre-bake the pie shell approx. 20 minutes at 180 degrees . Congratulations, you just have to put the filling on it!

Finally, here is one last piece of advice if you want to get rice that does not stick and which keeps well. Remember to rinse it (as long as possible) before cooking it. This will remove the starch present on the grains. But it is starch which makes this cereal sticky after cooking. A simple passage under a trickle of cold water will do the trick.

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